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9 Replies to “Putin on Boston blasts: We suffered from terrorists, called ‘insurgents’ by West”

  1. Gotta agree. Putin is correct. As an American, I find obama’s vacilliating weakness to be a never-ending source of abject embarrassment, much like Jimmy Carter’s dismal presidency, only worse.

  2. Czar Vladimir is right, our leaders and the lame stream media are refusing to face facts and acknowledge that we are in a war of survival.

  3. Yes I know what POW means. But why is making terrorist a war issue a problem?

    Islam is at war with us and this needs to be recognized. What does he suggest?

  4. Yes it is logical.

    War against these savages has ended we don’t even take in POW’s. We give them a trial like a civilized people against an individual aggressor.

    The Russians and the China know who they are fighting at least somewhat understand it.
    We intentionally leave blinders on

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