Egyptians grab ancient land of the pharaohs to bury their dead

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Archaeologists fear for pyramid sites as illegal building gathers pace in wake of Arab spring

An archaeologist looks into a fresh tomb

An archaeologist inspects a new cemetery illegally built near the Black Pyramid at Dahshur.

In Manshiet Dahshur, 25 miles south of Cairo, the villagers recently extended the boundaries of the cemetery. For Ahmed Rageb, a carpenter who buried his cousin in the annexe, it was a logical decision. “We want to bury the dead,” he said, strolling through the new cemetery after visiting his cousin’s tomb. “The old cemetery is full. And there is no other place to bury my family.”

There is just one problem. The new tombs are perilously close to some of Egypt‘s oldest: the pyramids of Dahshur, less famous than their larger cousins at Giza, but just as venerable. This is protected land, and no one is supposed to build here – yet more than 1,000 illegal tombs have appeared in the desert since January.

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4 Replies to “Egyptians grab ancient land of the pharaohs to bury their dead”

  1. The destruction of the ancient Egyptian artifacts has begun, if there isn’t any uproar the next step will be bigger and more destructive.

  2. Best thing for Egyptians to do is to bury their ancient artifacts so well it it could be preserved for the next thousand years. By the Egypt will either be free of Islam at which point these priceless artifacts can be re-discovered and fittingly cared for and appreciated, or Egypt will be completely submerged in Islam to the point they are all living in primitive 7th century conditions and do not have the skills or interest to re-cover these ancient artifacts.

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