S.Arabia: Saudi women don’t want to drive, Justice minister


Other religions allowed, but no churches on land sacred to Islam

23 April, 16:53

(ANSAmed) – BRUSSELS, APRIL 23 – Saudi Arabian Justice Minister Mohammed al-Isa defended the kingdom’s human rights record at a hearing on Tuesday before the European Parliament’s foreign affairs commission.

”We respect freedom of opinion and human rights, so long as they don’t infringe on public order and the rights of others”, the minister explained. Other faiths are banned from building churches and temples in Saudi Arabia because it is ”a land sacred to Islam. Other uses would be unacceptable. It would be like building a mosque in the Vatican: it’s a question of principle”, the minister said. ”But this does not mean people aren’t allowed to profess other religions”.

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2 Replies to “S.Arabia: Saudi women don’t want to drive, Justice minister”

  1. How nice. A bit like buying a car when you are told that you can have any colour you want as long as it’s black.

  2. A government stooge spreading the party line, although in this case it should probably read a theocratic government stooge.

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