Interesting crew at this nano-tech biology lab class.

UPDATE: I have received a formal request from someone associated with the lab to remove the photo I have here due to copyright reasons and because “the content of this blogpost is detrimental to both the university INRS and the lab team presented.”

So I am replacing it with a screen grab from the actual website of this bio-research lab, which is public domain, and contains the same picture.


By the way, the last fellow on the right of the front row has a name strikingly similar to one of the two Al-Qaeda suspects arrested today in Toronto. Not saying its the same guy or anything. I wonder what kind of research this team does. How it might be used in the future.

By the way, just as I posted this article, the entire website for this biology and nanotech lab was removed.

So I guess that means we have our guy. I would call that a confirmation.

The site used to be here:

Biotech lab with terrorist employee

From left to right, front row: Reda Elshafey, Mona Tolba,Teresa Simao,Shimaa Eissaa, Minhaz Uddin Ahmed,Esen Sokullu,Raja Chinnappan,Goe Gerald, Chiheb Esseghair,
2nd row: Andy NG,Babak Safavieh,Irina Stateikina, Gaston Conteras Jalal Abdul-hadi, Samir Saeidi,Chaker Tlili,Mohammed Zourob


Prof. Mohammed Zourob

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9 Replies to “Interesting crew at this nano-tech biology lab class.”

  1. The hottest of hot: nano-encapsulation of drugs for timed release into the bloodstream.

    So, when you put nano with biology => you’re putting together a drug platform.

    Again, we see the correlation between infidel subsidized educations in STEM fields and the worst of the worst fanatic atrocities.

    The West HAS to stop educating muslims in STEM, medicine, etc. It’s just those graduates that turn and bite their benefactors.

    Even though such souls are a minority… they are ruining thousands of lives per effort.

    With Iran going atomic — now tens of millions may die because of Western generosity.

  2. With the Muslim professor, notice the lack of racial diversity. As far as I can tell, two white, possibly three but the rest are either Muslim or of non western blood.

    Apparently diversity only works one way.

  3. UPDATE: It turns out yes, this was the suspect and is under arrest unless he is bunked in with Obama now, and I have received a formal request from the lab to remove this photo. I am checking the legalities of this now.

  4. Nah. Just an amazing coincidence. 99% of males named Muhammad to confuse those silly Western intel ppl. Intel is mostly run by Muslim Brotherhood folk, also mostly named Muhammad. One big happy family: a family that plans genocide together stays…umm, goes BOOM!

    What can I say? I’m just a dum kuffar waiting to be exploded anyway. If they’re gonna get us, ain’t no need to keep up a polite pretense is there? Oh wait, I forgot: you Canadians are so *nice*.

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