BBC loses all ability to report the news and relies entirely on nothing more than propaganda and spin, and outright lies by omission

Staggering. This is a live feed so I don’t know how one can get back to the key bits but BBC has been reporting that there can be no idea why these 2 “boys” (men) did this because SOME Chechens have a grudge with Russia, and that the older brother had a different “Orientation” and never mentioned what it is.

These reporters know full well that these men were religious muslims and jihadis and avoided any mention of it to the extent of becoming a kind of verbal contortionist.

I sincerely hope the BBC sues me for this post. It would be wonderful to have this broadcast played in court and have someone tell me I am wrong. Assuming of course, truth still plays any part of a British court in the way that facts no longer play a part of the BBC.

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8 Replies to “BBC loses all ability to report the news and relies entirely on nothing more than propaganda and spin, and outright lies by omission”

  1. I love to see Leftists tie themselves in knots. You can only distort the truth for so long before it becomes a hindrance to you being able to speak logically at all.
    I notice too that residents of Boston are advised to stay indoors and all public transport has been stopped. What? All because of one man? Imagine the confidence that will he will receive knowing that he has paralysed the whole community!
    Now if Massachussetts wasn’t a gun control state and all citizens were armed to the teeth then nobody would have to stay indoors. Anyone who spotted the bastard could simply shoot him on the spot. It would be a case of the hunter becoming the hunted.
    It would also be a warning to all other terrorists – every citizen is armed, every citizen is the police, every citizen is the army. Try it if you dare!

  2. The VILE BBC is the reason I don’t travel to the UK. The BBC is supported by the UK, it’s their country’s media, and the propaganda on the BBC is disgusting. I don’t buy the products that I used to enjoy like Crabtree and Evelyn and some of their jams, jellies and candies—I boycott travel and products.

  3. I quit considering the BBC a legitimate news source when the covered up for the Islamic rioters in London in 2011.

    Using a news reader wearing a burka, while having a Black policeman in the background was over the top. Was Soviet era Pravda any worse?

  4. Globe & Mail has the same thing: the Russkies are to blame and that’s why the perps attacked . . . Boston.

    Denial is quite a thing to behold.

  5. The left has so much emotion and time tied up in the angry white male as the bomber that they are afraid that telling the truth will make people start wondering about what other lies they have been telling.

  6. As if I need another reason to hate the British. I respect their excellent scientific achievements especially in the area of invitro fertilization but I detest their politics, their history, their supine attitude to Islam, their tacit Jew hate, their arrogance and the suppression of metals by their banks and govt admirers.

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