Mother of girl forced into Ottawa child-prostitution ring testifies.

No names, photos or descriptions are given for the perps in this case. But this video from a previous post on Vlad on this same issue seems to suggest that the girls who started and operated this forced prostitution and grooming ring seem to come from a highly enriched area of the city.

From Metro News:


“I got on to Facebook and noticed [victim] was online. I said ‘geeze you’re up early today.’ She messaged me back saying ‘Mom, I need your help,’” the woman related in court Wednesday. “She said she met up with some girls at St. Laurent mall, went to a house and that when they got there, they made her take off all her clothes and dressed her up in provocative clothing to ship her to some men to have sex.”

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4 Replies to “Mother of girl forced into Ottawa child-prostitution ring testifies.”

  1. One of the worst sins of the left is the way they have destroyed the moral code of the west, it took several thousand years to get that code built and in less then a century they have come close to destroying it.

  2. The first of its kind in Canada? Naaa, more like the first discovered by the police!

    lol-pic at 0:50 – a new immigrant arrive 🙂

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