Hindu refugees in India protest Pakistani atrocities

People of Shambala:

About 100 Hindu refugees in India protested atrocities committed against the minority faith in Pakistan today. The protest, arranged by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (Word Hindu Forum), was held outside the United Nations headquarters in New Delhi on Wednesday.

“We have appealed through the UN that Hindus in Pakistan should be allowed to live with dignity,” VHP spokesman Vinod Bansal said, ”and those who have left the country due to atrocities must be given proper rights wherever they are. Those who have arrived in India must be given citizenship because they are part of the country.”

Rajiv Gupta told News Track India that the organization had submitted a memorandum to the UN, requesting the body to ”provide relief to the Pakistani Hindus as they are being attacked and tortured there.”

pakistani_hindus_protest_un_2013Hindus make up approximately 2.5 percent of the population of Pakistan, which is officially a Sunni Muslim state. However, Hindus, as well as those of other minority faiths — including Christian, Ahmadiyya, and Shi’ite Muslims — face serious discrimination and violence. Shi’a Muslims are regularly attacked by militants, and are especially vulnerable when traveling on pilgrimages. In March, in one of the worst attacks on the Shi’a minority, Sunni militants detonated explosive devices, killing at least 45 and wounding over 150.

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3 Replies to “Hindu refugees in India protest Pakistani atrocities”

  1. The world is building to a major war, one that will be much larger and longer then WWII, the India, Pakistan, China region are one of the areas that will be very active and the second most likely to turn nuclear.

  2. Largely ignored by MSM the massive attacks against Hindu minority populations in Muslim states, Pakistan and Bangladesh, violently partitioned from India by Muslim bigots.

    This is how people who are not Muslims are treated wherever Muslims are a majority. The rate of extinction rapidly increases. Why a people should never give up land for peace with Muslims. No one ever gets true peace with Muslims – it only ends up being a beach head for further jihadists attacks.

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