Authorities circulate photos of two men spotted carrying bags near site of Boston bombings

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New York Post:

  • Last Updated: 8:42 AM, April 18, 2013
  • Posted: 2:30 AM, April 18, 2013

Aaron “Tango” Tang

Cops are seeking these two men (above) who were spotted near the site of the Boston blasts.

Investigators probing the deadly Boston Marathon bombings are circulating photos of two men spotted chatting near the packed finish line, The Post has learned.

In the photos being distributed by law-enforcement officials among themselves, one of the men is carrying a blue duffel bag. The other is wearing a black backpack in the first photo, taken at 10:53 a.m., but it is not visible in the second, taken at 12:30 p.m.

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8 Replies to “Authorities circulate photos of two men spotted carrying bags near site of Boston bombings”

  1. I have to add I think the Post was a bit overly zealous here, someone might get in big trouble with their legal department.
    Apparently they couldn’t wait for confirmation from official sources, it’s on the print frontpage as well.
    so, this one is probably a dud (a bad one).

  2. If those are the guys the authorities are looking for. The NYPost couldn’t confirm that. (It doesn’t read like they asked anyone for denial either, but who knows).
    We’ll see.

  3. Two men probed in Boston Marathon bombings cleared by investigators

    The two men whose photos were being circulated internally among police have been cleared as authorities determined that neither man had any role in the Boston Marathon bombings.

    Investigators have now cleared the two men whose pictures were circulated last night in an email among law enforcement officials, sources told The Post today.

    Authorities determined neither had any information or role in Monday’s attacks at the Boston Marathon.

    The pictures, which were distributed yesterday evening in an attempt to identify them, show the two men standing with a backpack and duffel bag near the finish line, where a pair of bombs killed three and maimed 176.

    Meanwhile, sources said today that the feds have an image from a store video camera of a person of interest. They also have an image of a potential witness that was captured on film, though that person is not considered a suspect, the sources said.

    Authorities have not decided whether to publicly release any photos today.

    Sources said the investigation could be a prolonged effort.

    “It’s not like we’re going to have somebody in cuffs in five minutes but it is evolving,” said a federal law enforcement source.

  4. What is that story about the “unscheduled” and sudden meeting between Obama and a Saudi Prince after the bombings, and the “deportation” of a Saudi?

  5. Good questions Rita, don’t expect to get any good answers, although Steve Emerson did say that this is how you handle the Saudi’s, you don’t arrest their citizens you deport them. This will keep the Saudi’s happy. If you make them unhappy we might have to allow more drilling and pumping in the US to make up for the lost oil.

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