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What Did I Tell Ya? Calgary cops dismiss hate crime complaint against Muslim website

CALGARY — Complaints that a Calgary Muslim group has been engaged in hate crimes have been dismissed by city police.

Const. Eric Levesque said the charges made by B’nai Brith Canada officials that articles on a Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) are possibly hate crimes could spark tension in Calgary between its Islamic and Jewish communities. “The Jewish and Muslim communities in Calgary have a very good relationship and this is a group from Toronto putting out this concern,” said Levesque, the force’s hate crimes co-ordinator.

“These two groups (in Calgary) can work out the issues they have. … I don’t know what B’nai Brith’s motivations are.”


This was the post that started it all: Muslims Of Calgary Web Site Quotes Protocols Of Elders Of Zion To Prove Freemasonry A Jewish Plot

Oh yea? Not bad enough? Now did Calgary’s cops see today’s revelations? 


Muslims Of Calgary: Call to Jihad – The Jews Have Been The Enemies Of The Ummah Since Allah Began His Call

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