PI and Die Freiheit: “Hostile to the Constitution”

Gates of Vienna:


Yesterday the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution deemed the Munich branch of Politically Incorrect and the party Die Freiheit as potentially anti-constitutional, due to their fomenting of hatred against Muslims. Both will be placed under state surveillance. Bavaria is a Free State within the German Federation, and thus has special privileges that allow it to take such actions.

The state crackdown seems to have been prompted by the success of Michael Stürzenberger in collecting signatures protesting the Qatari-funded Islamic center (read: “mosque”) in Munich.

As one German commentator said, “This is how the Third Reich was made possible. Now I understand how this could have happened back then.”

As an interesting side note, Bavaria is generally the most conservative state in Germany. Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrman, who is leading the charge on this latest repression, is a member of the state Christian Democrats (CSU), which is considered more conservative than its federal counterpart CDU, Chancellor Merkel’s party.

In other words, just as in the UK, the “conservatives” are cracking down on anyone who wants anything remotely resembling political change.

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  1. The main difference between Bavaria/Germany now and Bavaria/Germany then is that under Hitler, muslims were serving “under” the Nazis, now Germans seem eager to want to serve “under” the muslims.


    I thought: NEVER AGAIN? How mistaken I was: Hitler would romp in again, especially Bavaria (my place of birth), I am ashamed and disgusted to a point where I feel nauseated – literally!

  2. @Eyeore: I owe you a double “thank you” 1. No it wasn’t actually a rhetorical question. I really didn’t know. 2. When I came across this video the first time, I switched it off after a couple of seconds. This time I watched it in its entirety. It’s a send-up, yes? Please tell me it is a send-up? Of the kind of subtle satire as the tape you posted yesterday of that woman with the veil?

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