Syrian Islamists set sight on Myanmar

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Now Mmedia:

Syrian Islamist have been attempting to smuggle Muslim extremists into Myanmar, a Syrian Islamist source told NOW.

According to the source, “many attempts have been made to send Jihadists to Myanmar for the sake of our brothers.”

“Contacts with Islamist groups in Pakistan, India and other surrounding countries are being made in order to facilitate their entry into Myanmar.”

The source, however, added that “these attempts have failed.”

Speaking to NOW, Salafist Sheikh Bilal al-Masri called on Muslims to attack Buddhists and their interests.

“I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him because they are killing our people and the Muslims cannot be blamed for their reaction.”

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11 Replies to “Syrian Islamists set sight on Myanmar”

  1. That is it. We are in a global or world war. It is not a sudden or open declaration of war by a dozen or so nations like WW1, but this is Global War.

    Too many people have a normalcy bias.

    Most people can tell you more about Kim Khardassian’s baby bump than the conflicts throughout the world or the definition of war.

    One definition of war is 1,000 people die in a year thru conflict between 2 sides and at least one government is involved. The government is Burma. Have 1,000 or more people died this year?

  2. There are many persons globally who have decided the only way to rid ourselves of the Islamic problem is to commence the killing of Muslims.

    I predict you will soon see this begin to happen in Europe, the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom.

    As for North America there are those who are now beginning to identify with particularity the location of Muslims and their areas of congregation , they are beginning to identify the enemy that walks among us.

    To say that we have been abandoned by our government, our judiciary and our law enforcement agencies is simply to speak the truth. To say that our government, our judiciary and our law enforcement agencies are impotent in the face of the threat of Islam is to simply speak the truth.

    Now we must wait for the inevitable massacre and murder that will result from turning an unrepentant terrorist loose amongst innocent citizens.This is, in a word, unacceptable. Those men and women we have elected to protect us are now placing us in harms way. This must not be allowed to stand.

    The question looms large, will we wait for the explosion, the blinding flash of light and the rivers of blood that will flow from a Canadian marketplace as the Khadr family begin anew, their program of eradicating those they hate… other words, begin eradicating all non-muslim Canadians? Will we wait, sitting in our livingrooms for the telephone to ring and when answered, listen to the invitation to come down to the local morgue and retrieve the shattered bodies of our wives and children who, hours earlier, went to that same marketplace for a little shopping? Think about that for a minute.

    Look now at the city of London , Ontario……a hotbed of Muslim hatred and Islamic extremism, and now they are proudly producing jihadists and terrorists…..all while the local police chief, Brad Duncan licks the boots of local Muslim leaders.

    Personally, everyone knows where this is headed……and I say the sooner we get started the sooner we get it over with, the sooner we have removed Muslims from our midst, and reintroduce some peace and quiet into our lives.
    Now, I want you to ask yourselves a question……

    Of all the ethnic groups, the different races, the different religions….please name one of them which has brought the endless amounts of demands, of duplicity and deceit, of divisive action, of sowing of dissension, of constant distraction, of destruction and finally of the endless need for superiority and domination…….MUSLIMS!!!!

    Its the only group….not the Hindu’s, not the Catholics, not the Atheists, not the Buddhists, not the Coptic Christians, not the Christians, not the Vietnamese, not Italians, not the Slavs, not the eastern Europeans, not the Asians, not the French or the Germans or the British or the Scots or the Swedes or the Norwegians or the Finns or the Russians……….NOT ONE GROUP, SAVE THE MUSLIMS, HAS BROUGHT SO MUCH TROUBLE, SO MUCH HEARTACHE AND FEAR, TO THE CIVILIZED WORLD….NOT ONE!!!

    Its not about the “assimilation” of muslims…..they have absolutely no intention of assimilating…..its not about equality as they have an equal footing in this country from day one and besides, they don’t feel equal anyway…not to us……to say they are equal to us is to them a grievous and injurious sleight……..its not about their rights…..its about their desire to dominate….to be superior….and to have their wishes, their desires, their petty sensibilities and their haughty, incessant demands trump all others……..and anything less than our full capitulation to their simpering, conniving and hostility becomes “racism”….and “a hate-crime”…..what a farce.

    Now we see our freedoms and legal protections under attack, the very foundation of our open, free and civilized society is being hammered away at. The freedom of speech is now on the block……imagine that, to speak the truth of the madness of Islam, of the sickness of the child molesting psychopath the Muslims worship, Muhammad, is now a “hate-crime”. Next in line is the destruction of our legal system with the implementation of Sharia Law, and in the face of this our elected officials sit idly by, sullen and indifferent. This was predicted a few years ago…..and now it has come to pass.

    Well my friends, the time has come and the writing is on the wall…..our future in these next few years can be found in the reflection of Europe this very minute…….the time has come to deal with our Muslim friends very harshly….to respond to them and deal with the Muslim/Islamic problem in a manner that is unmistakeably severe and unswerving… provide an effective solution that speaks of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality.

    Every single non-muslim in this country, save for the Leftist Useful Idiots, knows this cannot go on unless we desire to see our country destroyed at the hands of these lunatic worshiping provocateurs…….so let us move forward….let us begin the process of dealing with our Muslim friends. Let us do what those men and women we elected refuse to do.

    To Start:

    1) Identify and locate, with particularity, all Muslim political planning centers(mosques).

    2) Identify and locate: with particularity, all Muslim associations, Muslim schools and Muslim social gathering places.

    3) Identify, with particularity, all Muslim members of law enforcement agencies, this includes the military and the RCMP.

    4) Identify and locate all Muslim owned or Muslim managed businesses. This identification includes the residential location of all owners and employees including vehicles owned and, as an example, make, model and license plate numbers.)

    5) Identify, if possible, all local Muslim leaders and activists with a photograph and or video.

    6) Identify, with particularity, all Muslims within all levels of government including elected officials, this includes federal, provincial, state and municipal. This identification should also include boards and committees.

    7) Identify, with particularity, all Muslims within the judiciary, this includes, judges, lawyers and court clerks. (a good example would be the complete list of all those lawyers and bureaucrats, such as Brydie Bethell, Dennis Edney, Nathan Whitling and John Norris, who have assisted the terrorist, Omar Khadr, in returning to Canada. Another example would be a list of judges who have rendered decisions favorable to Muslim provocateurs and terrorists)

    8) Identify, with particularity, all members of the academia, including administration personnel, who are Muslim.

    9) Identify, with relation to the list above, all non-Muslims, who are sympathetic with, supportive of or in cooperation with Muslims…..all Muslims and that includes every single one from the above list. A good example of “collaborators” is Dr. Trish Fulton of the Huron University College in London, Ontario. Dr. Fulton has made close alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood. This would also include members of the legal profession who engage in “lawfare” or act on behalf of countries like Saudi Arabia that seek to tamper with the sovereignty of the United States or Canada, lawyers like Rahool. P. Agarwal of Norton Rose)

    NOTE: The above information would be of tremendous assistance with the inclusion of recent photographs of particular persons, residences and buildings, this information is made better though the inclusion of a GPS address as well as a list of local law enforcement stations/facilities in close proximity to the subject.. If driving by, details that are useful also include the existence of security cameras… other words the more information about the particular building or person the better.

    Do this on your own personal level and within the community you live. Compile these lists in a form that can be easily emailed. Become familiar with the use of an encryption program called “Truecrypt”. It will be essential to send encrypted emails in order that the contents and identification cannot be compromised.In the near future there may be a website/focal point set up to acting as a central collecting point for all this data in order that it can be accessed and distributed on an “as required” and “need to know” basis.

    (Note: the beauty of Truecrypt is that while the program for encryption is on your computer, the encrypted files are completely invisible and the existence of the program does not indicate the existence of the files, hence: the defense of plausible deny-ability)


    Please use commonsense in gathering this information. Use Public library websites. Use local free WiFi. Speak to no one about your collection of information. Leave no traces and no tracks. You may feel alone but understand……you are one of millions and you are the descendants of great men, founders of our nations, soldiers in our wars, men who faced tyrants and terrorists, men who faced those who sought to make them slaves. They did not turn away, they fought, they died, they were imprisoned and tortured, they were executed……..this was the price they paid for our freedom……..can we do anything less?

    In closing….let us begin now.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. @ Softly Bob….

    Let us begin to organize SB……

    Please forward this link on this article to all those you know and begin to identify the all things “Muslim” in your local area.

    Soon that information will be sought by those who will rise amongst us to provide leadership and focus in dealing with the Muslims.

    Regards, Don Laird

  4. The only thing I can add to what has been said is that the groups that are formed need to have a means of communications that will be difficult for the various governments to disrupt because the left will fight hard to remain in power.

  5. Ideally law enforcement should be noting the Muslim extremists in every sphere. There are many Muslims who are not living strictly to their religion’s tenants. They are not extremists. They live only the private parts of their faith and do not expect others to cater to them. They know a superficial level of Islam or were taught a whitewashed Islam that is also fed to non-Muslims. They live ordinary day to day lives. These are the Muslims to reach out to. It is a mistake to not distinguish them from the extremists. I know the suffering Islam has caused globally, but there are many Muslims who are not involved with the violence and really are living their version of Islam which is livable with other faiths.

    I think if we truly had free speech on Islam in MSM in schools, in government, etc…instead of it being stifled by the Islamophobia canard tossed by extremists and leftists then this healthy honest discussion on Islam would be more effective than anything else to get people – Muslims and non-Muslims alike to reflect about the destructive aspects of Islam. Free speech is the best vehicle to reduce tensions and initiate reform.

  6. Arun:

    I wish the cultural muslims mattered more. But as pretty much all mosques teach classical or original islamic dogma, and as all jihadis around the world have perfect scriptural support for their actions as well as approval from pretty much all islamic organizations with any degree of size or power at all, then the distinction works more to the jihadis advantage than to ours. That is to say, as long as we treat this as a sort of crime problem where each act has to be dealt with as a sort of police matter and using those procedures and offering those rights to the perps its only a matter of time till we fall.

    The problem is the ideology of islam as it was the ideologies of Shinto and Nazism. We have to admit it, fight it, and beat it.

    The cultural muslims need to leave it, rename it or join the fight visibly against the problem or classical muslims. But it is unlikely they will. The apostasy laws alone make it unlikely but also the basic brotherhood of supremacist Islam at some level prevents them from openly speaking about other muslims as problematic. With a few, highly noteworthy and valuable exceptions.

    Many of them however did convert, most impressively Ayaan Hirsi Ally who converted away from religion altogether. I find that impressive because Islam is such a truly massive part of a persons life that its more common that people trade it in for Christianity which shares enough with Islam to not be too uncomfortable while dramatically improving their lives.

  7. What is sad is that true freedom of speech in not only the Western World but elsewhere would do have done so much in addressing the negative aspects of Islam in an honest factual manner and in a peaceful manner. If the MSM, government, academia were truly honest about the ramifications of Islam the irony is I think the extremist Muslims would have far less hold on the cultural Muslims, and the non-Muslim world that these entities work in be it Europe, America or Asia. And the cultural Muslims would have to confront the darker aspects of their faith and see how it is not the same as other faiths and is far more destructive, and thereby be encouraged to either seriously reform it or leave it. In truth they would have to leave it when they truly understand it all revolves around Mohammed and everything he did and this cannot be changed without also admitting what Mohammed did was wrong.

  8. When the lack of freedom of speech causes honest and factual discussion, and tensions to go underground then is a very sad state of affairs. This a mistake, and the MSM, government, and academia really need to do an about face and adhere to real freedom of speech and allow honest discussion of Islamic doctrine and doctrine justified violence seen around the world.

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