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8 Replies to “This really is superb.”

  1. James you have to watch that to the end. She is actually quite brilliant. Its one of the best subtle put downs of tardism I have seen.

  2. James, please ! sorry but she is smarter than you, unless you don’t do sarcasm. she’s a 100 % infidel baby yeah !

  3. Thanks eyore, you made my day with that.
    Subtle satire is probably not very common? among the Allah-u-Akbarists, so I would like to be a fly on the wall when “they” use this video for islamist propaganda.

    PS: Don’t be embarrassed, James, had I not read the comments by Eyore, I too would have reacted like you. As I would have switched the thing off after 1 minute in disgust, I would not have had the sweet/sour giggle I’m indulging in right now.

  4. She really is very funny. Here’s another good one. Link below.
    “It’s not like it’s only muslims that are flying planes into buildings” —– long, pregnant pause.

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