The burning of Al Ray

While the Tunisian muslim woman found it offensive that the women in France from Femmen burned a “flag of islam’, it is worth knowing one or two things about it that flag.

The flag is called, ‘Al Ray’ and is the flag of jihad when it is black with white or silver letters. It is flown to mean that muslims are in ‘Dar al harb’ or, the world of war, meaning that they have not yet conquered this land and they must wage jihad on it till they (us) feel themselves subdued with willing submission.

When the flag is white with black letters, it means that they are in Dar al islam, or, the already conquered land where sharia is the law and muslims rule.

I did a short video on this some time ago with Gavin Boby when Tommy Robinson was arrested for grabbing one of these out of the hands of a jihadi in London. In fact, British law is very clear that no one shall be allowed to carry a foreign standard of war in England. Sadly British law doesn’t count in England anymore it seems.

Thanks to Magic Martin for finding this video below. This is a burning of Al Ray in front of the Grand Mosque in Paris.

Another Femmen video:


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  1. The black flag of Islam and the red flag of National-Socialism form the black and red flag of the UAF and related organizations. Two flags, one organization? Three persons, one God? Think of the theological implications. Hell is eternal.

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