CNN covers attempted honour killing in Afghanistan

When CNN tells the truth one has to wonder exactly the purpose of it. I suppose its to make the American people OK with the total withdrawal of US forces from the area. ‘These people here are barbarians. Nothing to do with islam, its just Afghans, and this is why we can’t stay’ or something like that perhaps.

In any case I always worry when the legacy media appears to be on our side. Even so, this is a worthy report on a horrible Islamic-inspired practice.

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5 Replies to “CNN covers attempted honour killing in Afghanistan”

  1. If the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ have changed little in the past 1400+ years, what makes any rational person think they can be forced to change and adapt to even a basic concept of modernity? IMHO the ME and most of it’s inhabitants will continue to wallow and fester in their cesspool of depravity and ignorance.

  2. Frank that is a real good point, the only question I have is what makes you think the people trying to change Islam are rational?

  3. Only one way to deal with this amongst these savages. Drag the brother out into the street and gun them down and leave them there in the street. Place a sign nearby – guilty of attempted honour killing. Then find the husband and do similar.

    The reporter is Australian which explains the compassion for the victim in a CNN report.

  4. Give Gul Meena assylum. She walks thru any major western city and the Muslims will have a fit.

    No advertising like the truth.

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