More NORK propaganda.

The North Koreans are working three shifts making threat videos, presumably to leverage fear against a hand out of food for them. This may be a prelude to a real war, but the white house claims there is actually no real mobilization of troops or deployment of new weapons or anything so it looks like an in-house strength-play to show the people the new fat-kid is really in charge. At least according to Obama.

In any case I find this video more entertaining as well as more accurate if you open this video in another tab and listen to this sound track while you watch the video below.

North Korea has also started a “Patriotic Rice” drive, asking the slave labour starving people of NORK to take what little food the state did give them, and give it back to the state.

For a people who hate America so much they sure do like basketball. Here is a game between the starving men of South by south east north Korea and West by nor-west North Korea in a struggle that will probably mean one team gets to eat the other starve, the MVP gets given a decent looking wife to abuse and the no score guy gets a public execution.

Don’t believe me? Watch the documentary Camp 14 Total Control Zone on Netflix.

More riveting North Korea propaganda videos can be seen here.

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4 Replies to “More NORK propaganda.”

  1. North Korea shows the ultimate result of Marxism, the left and the useful idiots refuse to understand this and at times such fools as Rodman and Jimmy Carter praise the North Korean system.

  2. If Kim was to walk down a street in New York, London or L.A. posturing and strutting like he does, I doubt the little fat gimp would last five minutes, yet in the hellhole that is North K he is a god. How astonishing is that?
    As for Rodman, well if Nork and the U.S. do actually go to war is he still up for his second trip to Pyongyang or will Kim have to cancel it?
    What makes me really laugh though is that basketball (a tall man’s sport if ever there was one) is so popular in a country that has produced some of the shortest people in the World, not just because genetically they aren’t very tall, but because the chronic malnutrition there has averaged them shorter than their South K counterparts.
    I wonder what Kim sees in basketball and if he sees himself as one of the great World players. After all, his father was supposed to be a champion golfer wasn’t he?

  3. How bizarre to see the Norks emulate the Stalinist Soviets in song and marching. Not even the Russians of today will do that!

  4. it’s a great scam, isn’t it?

    “give us some food, or we’ll start a nuclear war”.

    That’s all this is about. North Korea is the ultimate expression of the maniacal left in the world today. Nuts beyond belief.

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