Its all in the name. Or, to coin a phrase…

Yesterday in Paris, a geopolitically significant event took place, and one for which, there is no popular name to which people can easily refer to this event.

The fact was, that 300,000 people descended on Paris like a jove and demanded the annulment of homosexual marriage and adoption privileges. This is a major event and agree or disagree with the protestors, should not be ignored.

Now the French word for cancelation, such as for a bill or new law etc. is:

“annuler” and of course it was a massive strike against increased legalization of homosexual lifestyles within French society so the word ‘gay’ should be in there somewhere.

So I suggest we call the event, ‘Anuller Gay’

Annuler Gay moment

Annuler Gay moment

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2 Replies to “Its all in the name. Or, to coin a phrase…”

  1. The French government should pay attention to this protest just as the US government and Supreme Court should pay attention to the 40 states that say marriage is between men and women.

  2. Funny how the riot police were ordered to keep them from certain places.

    Consistent with French Govt. marxist policy (destruction of western culture) these people are ignored and vilified.

    While I believe that this issue is part of an ongoing attack on western culture, it is also a distraction from the elephant in the room. It would be nice if this spurned a national revival, my gut says no.

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