The reality of sharia then, and now.

Golem Bar sent me an email about this video and why it is important that people are aware of it. I don’t think I could say it better than s/he did so here it is in full. WARNING: This video is harsh enough that liveleak put a warning up before you can see it.

(I hope thats OK GB)

there has been a concerted attempt lately to try to downplay the negative aspects of sharia law in order to mainstream it’s acceptance into Western legal systems, i think it’s important to show the reality of what sharia law entails in order for a wider audience to fully grasp it’s ramifications, reading words on paper about how incompatible it is is wholly different from seeing innocent women being murdered for the slightest triviality:

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  1. I’m guessing that the annoying music wasn’t actually playing over loudspeakers at the time, and was added by the makers of the video.
    The fact that they feel the need to do this is another example of how deceit and self-deceit is part of the Muslim psyche. In their minds savage and barbaric cruelty can be justified by associating it with God. Of course, the irritating Satanic wailing is nothing to do with God, but the hapless, brainwashed Muslims are not aware of this.

    I think it’s about time that we redefined some terms here. Although word-changing and ‘renaming’ is often a trick of Leftists it can be sometimes be justifiably done, if the previous terms used are confusing or inaccurate. Seeing as Sharia exists in two forms, the ‘real’ Sharia and the ‘perceived’ Sharia (which in reality never materialises), it’s time we dropped the term ‘moderate Muslim’ as this is also inaccurate and is actually a ‘perceived’ notion.
    Moderate Muslims are not real Muslims in the same way that perceived Sharia is not the same as real Sharia.
    Moderate Muslims should more accurately be described as pseudo-Muslims as even if they do not know it themselves, they are not real Muslims. Of course this does not apply to the ‘moderates’ who are practising taqiyya as they are real Muslims alright.
    A ‘moderate’ who is pretending to be moderate is therefore not a pseudo-Muslim.

    In summary then, Muslims occur in two forms, pseudo-Muslims and defacto- Muslims. The problem is deciding whether a Muslim is pseudo or defacto as the taqiyya practising ones appear to be pseudo but in fact are defacto.
    Sharia can also be pseudo or defacto. Pseudo-Sharia is perceived and innacurate. Defacto-Sharia is the real McCoy.
    I shall try to use these terms from now on.

  2. Islam ….. MUST be Eradicated from this earth. This isn’t religion its MURDER. Its evil sadistic men, of an evil book, MURDERING the more important sex, the woman. This is pure Allah Evil and NOT wanted on this great earth. DEPORT ALL Islamic followers from Western Countries – This is not never or ever the good ways of the Western Society .

  3. I agree this is murder by sick sadistic people and if you can find a way to remove Islam from the earth I will go along.

  4. Oh my god! 🙁 I had to stop watching at minute 4. I dont want to kill my anger with nausea/compassion/sadness whatever. I want to maintain the rage, lest I too will eventually become a dhimmi. But can you tell me, are they really killing this woman? Are they stoning her?

  5. This is why I am against Islamism and the crap that is happening in the Middle East

    @Ron Munro
    I’m an MRA hence I resent that statement of Women being more important than men, but I agree with the rest of what you said.

  6. @ANGELUS….FACT IS SWEETHEART, WOMEN ARE LIFE GIVERS! Hence their importance. More men in prison than women…and many moe men at or near Neanderthal level, so these flea bags who dig their little boys, goats, sheeps, whatever should be taken out for all time. BTW–if you have known of any man who has given birth, would love to hear about it. About all moe men do is give birth to destruction, deception, degradation and devolving into amoebic artifacts.

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