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7 Replies to “Trailer for movie about that other 911…”

  1. Yeah Ross history does repeat itself, the last time the Moslems tried to conquer the world it took a long time for the west to wake up to the danger, and during the centuries long war the west was rarely united. If I am right about what is coming the west is about to wake up and fight back.

  2. I loved the trailor and will see this film. I get so gloomy sometimes thinking white men have just petered out or something whilst looking on at the hordes of third world scum take over our streets. Who lets them in? Who lets them get away with it. I know a lot of people in future will want to have some answers. I think there has obviously been a lot of indifference but things are getting intolerable. I believe there will be war in the near future. How and why it will begin, meaning, what will kick it off, I cannot answer, but something is stirring. America had such a nice society at one time and now, for instance, someplace down in Florida at a Chuck-e-cheese, some really cheesy behavior took place, not by white people, for it involved baby’s, baby mama’s, adult boys, drugs, guns, and violence. Such lurid behavior. We, as European descended peoples, need to claim our respective dignities back! WAKE UP EUROPE, WAKE UP AMERICA, WAKE THE WEST NOW1

  3. Religion is the trojan horse.
    Unable to beat us militarily, they have sneaked their troops in disguised as missionaries.

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