JORDAN – King Abdullah of Jordan warns America about rise of the radical Muslim Brotherhood and the threat it poses to all modernity

So now he tells us.

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Wrath of Khan:

Published on Mar 19, 2013

The Atlantic Monthly’s Jeffrey Goldberg says King Abdullah is warning the U.S. of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. CNN’s Jake Tapper reports.

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2 Replies to “JORDAN – King Abdullah of Jordan warns America about rise of the radical Muslim Brotherhood and the threat it poses to all modernity”

  1. It’s ironic isn’t it (and also tragic) that the king of a Muslim country is warning America about the threat of radical Islam. Putting his possible taqiyya and self-interests aside, he is still a rare breed of person- an Arab leader concerned about the dangers of Islam and willing to share his concern with infidels. The U.S. admin would be wise to heed his words.
    Yet, if even if someone like King Abdullah can do this, then why are the Obama administration not listening? Or are they listening? There is no evidence that they are, and I doubt that they will.
    If Obama ignores this advice then it Is this more proof (that we frankly don’t need as we have plenty) that the incumbent leader and present resident of the White House is a treacherous and calculating snake. This could be Obama’s last chance to redeem himself. He has always had excuses on his side for his past misdemeanours, naivety and ignorance being but just two, but when advice comes straight from the horse’s mouth then he has no excuse to ignore it. If he does then it shows that he is not interested and that is agenda is and always has been to screw America, and to ensure that the constitution is wrecked and replaced by a Marxist-Islamist freak circus.
    This is worth watching to see what response, if any, Obama has.

  2. Bob I would put a lot of Obama’s actions as felony’s not misdemeanors,

    The excuses people have been giving his actions are a poor smoke screen to protect him, he was raised by Moslems and communists, his mentors were communists, his spiritual adviser for 20 years is an ex member of the nation of Islam whose rhetoric proves he is a racist who hates whites. Given this history how could he be anything but someone who is working to destroy freedom in the west?

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