Links and news for March 17th 2013

Ok this isn’t a link or news but I like it

2. A couple of interesting videos on Benghazi. One here and another here. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t watergate just about Nixon or his fans trying to steal a book full of the names of hookers the Democrat party liked to use to indulge themselves and perhaps influence others? And wasn’t that treated like the crime of the century in US politics and all other political scandals were called ‘xxxxxgate’ after that one even though no one died, no one put national security at risk and probably the Democrat use of whores was the larger crime than the break-in for the evidence?

We can only hope that a disgruntled former intel agent ticked off at his treatment by Obama decides to follow up on the events in Benghazi. That seems to be the only way any kind of justice finds the oval office.

Please correct me where I am wrong in the comments.

3. Black Africans face racism in Muslim Yemen. Much more so than in Europe.

4.  ICLA Attends Pakistan Minorities Rights Organization UK Conference In House Of Lords

5. Sarah Palin is great at CPAC. Like her or not she delivers some great one liners.

6. From this facebook page, an appeal to stop this


7. British expats in cypress empty bank machines as state of emergency there prompts government to rob everyone.

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  1. Watergate was about the Nixon campaign planting listening devices in the Dem headquarters, not that they would have turned down stealing a book of hookers the Dems were using.

  2. EGYPT – CAIRO – Police disperse anti-Brotherhood protest with teargas, birdshot

    Limited clashes break out for second consecutive day between protesters, security forces outside Muslim Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters; dozens arrested

    Police used teargas and birdshot on Sunday evening to disperse roughly 3000 anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters who had gathered outside the Brotherhood’s headquarters in the Cairo district of Moqattam.

    Police vehicles also chased down protesters in the streets surrounding the group’s headquarters, arresting dozens including journalist Mohamed Rashad.

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