Fascinating recent photographs by a Russian in Somalia

H/T Magic Martin

Check out these two pages of photographs from Somalia

March 16 and March 17

A couple of samples

The Clampetts miss Hollywood and keep on drivin to Somalia


I am surprised there is no line up for those containers of green.


Now this is a pharmacy you know you can trust


Here is a doctor I would have to book years in advance to get to see…

Somali wall mural FGM advert

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10 Replies to “Fascinating recent photographs by a Russian in Somalia”

  1. Perhaps the saddest thing and biggest mistake the Western World ever committed was to allow islam to exist into the 21st Century.

  2. Randy the sadest thing and the biggest mistake of the Western World was allowing the left to gain so much control, all other problems can be traced back to them.

  3. James Boom, considering what islam inculcates, chances are that those Somali mahoundians actually believe that the reason why Mogadishu isn’t like Tokyo or Zurich, and that Somalia isn’t like Japan or Switzerland, is that allah has punished them for not adhering strictly enough to the cult of the black cube. It’s either that, or they believe their self-inflicted misery is “da Joooooooz” fault.

    Few people in mahoundian lands actually have the capacity to see that islam is the main (when not the exclusive) source of all of the ills wreaking havoc on their societies.

  4. Somalia was self-sufficient and enjoyed a fairly stable and prosperous existence up until the US decided to destabilize the political government and their economy. For whatever reason, the Somalis had become a client state of the Soviet Union, and that made them a target for US destabilization. It had nothing to do with Islam. It had everything to do with cold war politics. I remember during the 1970’s the US was supporting the POLISARIO organization fighting against the elected government of Somalia.

    For whatever the reason, the US has kept the Somalian people at arms length. There are issues there that have never been revealed to the public. Like US doctrine in regards to small African nations. Regardless. By the time of the “Blackhawk Down” incident, Somalia was thoroughly destabilzed by US foreign policy. Nothing has changed since.

    Only racist twats (like the Anglo fucks posting above) blame Islam.

  5. Jcray:

    That is a claim. Where is the evidence? Or do you operate on raw slander and hope that enough of it sticks to discredit those you don’t like?

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