Anti Israel BDS bigots scribble for hatred on the sidewalks

H/T Tundra T who has a write up on this here.

A young woman writes in Hebrew on the pavement already filled with statements in chalk, ”Long Live the people of Israel” and then a woman suddenly comes up, takes the chalk from her hand, refuses to give it back, while repeatedly pushing and shoving her.

hamas sucks pigshit

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10 Replies to “Anti Israel BDS bigots scribble for hatred on the sidewalks”

  1. The Left is above the law. When they aren’t, they claim the law protects fascists. the Left should be above the law because they occupy the moral highground. That is how Western society works.

  2. hey man thanks for posting this. in all the hoopla over that shit on Wed. it seems like nobody has taken notice of what i wrote about hamas which actually was much more inflammatory to those leftist retards : )

  3. What I like about this post is that it once again shows the level of intelligence of the leftists versus the right. Calm and collected all along, the right gets pushed around by the nuts on the left, yelling and screaming, swearing and finger prointing. Only one time, I would like to see law enforcement do the right thing. Just once – would make my day.

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