‘Those who don’t have a right to stay must leave’

I would like to add to this very sensible woman’s words, that anyone who disagrees with rational immigration policies should really leave their names and addresses where they can bea easily found and redistributed to illegal immigrants, with the advice that they can find food, shelter and all other material comforts at those locations as opposed to the shoulders of the general tax payers or victims of crime. Those who feel there should not be any reasonable criteria for who enters the country, should have to shoulder the total costs and responsibility of their presence in Western nations.

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'Those who don't have a right to stay must leave'

‘Those who don’t have a right to stay must leave’

Published: 13 Mar 13 09:42 CET | Print version

While admitting there were questions about methods used by police in Stockholm that some labelled as “racial profiling”, Justice Minister Beatrice Ask nevertheless defended the need to carry out deportations.

“Police should follow existing rules and laws. But those who don’t have a right to stay need to leave the country,” Ask said in a parliamentary debate on Tuesday.

Stockholm police have come in for criticism for targeting “foreign-looking” commuters on the city’s public transit system in an effort to track down and deport illegal immigrants.

The efforts have been carried out under the so-called Reva project, which stands for Rättssäkert och effektivt verkställighetsarbete (Legal and effective execution of policy).

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  1. “…And the citizen of the first world often finds that he seems to belong less in his own country than the refugees flooding it. He has become a displaced person, a familiar enough feeling to many of his new neighbors who are also victims of ethnic and religious conflicts. But while the conflicts they have fled are official, his conflict is not. He is the victim of a nameless conflict that cannot be named, of a colonization that cannot be described as such and of the ethnic cleansing of his national identity and the theft of his future. “

    so writes Daniel Greenfield, alias Sultan Knish in his latest article – where, as usual he puts his finger right on it:

  2. Oh, and absolutely agreeing with Eeyore’s comments, I am going to search the addresses of the attention-seeking media whores in our Green/Labor/Union/&assorted leftists government who have completely lost control of our borders – we are experiencing a literal invasion by illegal boats loads full of muslim males in breeding age. Our “immigration detention centres” where those arrivals should be identified and processessed are so full, that they are now released into the community, without any checking. Just a few weeks ago, when a female student (19 y.o.) was sexually assaulted by one of those “refugees” in her private room at the Macquarie University (Sydney) while asleep and it came out that they had installed some 20 + single male refugees in the student dorms – the government knew “nothing about their whereabouts”, they had outsourced the “placement and control” to the Red Cross – who also apparently knew nothing about.

    One of the most virulent advocate for these “poooooor faux refugees” and who rants and raves against anyone who would like to feel a little safe in their own country a “raaaaaaacist etc.” is this opportunistic media darling:


    ^^^ here she is “protected” by her “subjects”


    ^^^ this pic should show her when she put an the “crying act” in the Senate, telling some 2 penny sob story about a “refugee” – not one bit of her make-up run, and she was decked out in baubles to make sure the camera caught her in her “distress”

    When there was a lull sometimes in the media attention paid to her, she brought her infant daughter into the senate chambers to breast-feed her right then and there…she lapped it up more even than the cameras (I spare you the picture).

    I make no apology for considering her a “media whore” and “typical” of her opportunistic political group.

    PS: and apart from all the above: I dont like her….at all ! 😉

  3. She sounds like the late reformist US Congresswoman Barbara Jordan:

    “Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave…For the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process.”

  4. This not only happening in the Western countries.Millions of illegal Bangladeshis are entering India and displacing the locals. Add to the fact that Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) was partitioned from India for Indian Muslims to have their own Islamic state. Partitioned India for them is not enough, they have to take over border regions of India. Notice you don’t see Indians entering Bangladesh. Both areas partitioned out of India for Indian Muslims to create their own Islamic state (East and West Pakistan) are much worse off both politically and economically than infidel Hindu majority India.

    And despite Indians and Bangadeshis being the same race, it does not stop idiot journalists painting the Indians against this illegal immigration from Bangladesh as racists such as D’Souzsa of the Daily Beast.

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