French Catholic girls react to the antics of ‘Femen’

This is quite sweet. Not to mention valid. While I salute the brave protests of Islamic misogyny and general disenfranchisement of women Femen often do, what they also do to Catholics and Catholic artifacts they would never dare do to a mosque, and the comparison is not valid in any case.

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6 Replies to “French Catholic girls react to the antics of ‘Femen’”

  1. I sooooo completely agree with the commentary of Eeyore and with this video. Bravo! And bravo for those young French women. Real Women, and REAL French.

  2. There have always been women willing to sacrifice their freedom in order to appease, the anti-suffragistists, the slaves who spied for their masters, those propagating submission while hiding their faces, and those willing to rob young girls of their sexuality and freedom.

    Shame on them!

    If women want to run about naked with slogans written on them, that is up to them.
    Where is all these wonderful “tolerance” when it comes to people who do not hide behind burkas and hijabs in public?

    There have always been Uncle Toms and Judenrats, just as their have always been frightened females, worried that they might be expected to stand up for freedom of speech and independence.

  3. Georgina:

    I think these women cutting down crosses on property that belongs to the church to make a point and to invade churches and destroy the peacefulness for its members is quite a different thing than what you are supporting. There is no question that you are right in your analysis. But does it apply to these women?

    Personally I think not. I think the comparison is actually inappropriate.

  4. If they are defacing the symbols of Christianity, then they are doing the bidding of Muslim conquest, dispossession, degradation and eventually, mass murder. Care to wear the zunnar on your naked body, mademoiselle?
    Charles Martel fought under the cross you deface.
    He kept you free. Now you are more than willing to step into the iron cuff, all in the name of a freedom you cannot define or defend!!!

  5. I rank the militant atheists as being on the same level as the Moslems, neither group is willing to tolerate people that think differently them themselves and are aggressively attacking any who disagree.

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