Pork at the Arveyres cafeteria (33): the Mayor finds his car vandalized

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South West France

A meeting is planned to “appease” the tensions but mayor Girondin maintains his decision to abolish the meals of substitution of pork at the school cafeteria.

the decision to abolish the meals of substitution of pork at the school cafeteria creates debate. But the Mayor Benoit Gheysens (small square in picture) maintains his decision


the announcement of the decision of Benoit Gheysens the mayor of d’Arveyres of no longer proposing the meal of substitution when pork is served at the cafeteria has triggered numerous reactions. And amongst those one was particularly vicious.

“some individuals broke into my house over night and vandalized my vehicle. I noticed this morning at 0830 hours” explains Benoît Gheysens who deposited his complaint to the police. Two perforated tires and scratches on the body that the elected judges “inadmissible”: “They come and walk into my private life. I do not see the interest of continuing my engagement in public life in these conditions. I will finish my mandate but I am not sure I will present myself again.

Although what he defines as “means of pressure” will not make him come back on his decision “it is a question of economics, of justice and equality for the children. I hear the reaction of the parents and am ready to receive them, to listen to them but to go as far as vandalizing my personal property it goes too far.”

from now on, the mayor of d’Arveyres looks for “appeasement”. This wednesday night. a meeting between the mayor and representant of parents of students permits according to the two parties to look forward to a solution for the end of march break the 18 of March.

A new meeting will take place that day in order to verify the menus of the next three months. the goal being according to Benoît Gheysens “that the meals be balanced, even without meat and that there is no double. Meaning that we do not find saussage in the entree and pork in the main course…

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  1. The Mayor is fighting fire with fire, the Moslems want to force us to follow their dietary rules and he is sayiing screw you. With the vandalizing of his car the Moslems are taking the fight to the next level, will he have the guts to continue the fight?

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