China: Official Tightens Religious Restrictions Affecting Muslim Uyghurs

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Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China

China: Official Tightens Religious Restrictions Affecting Muslim Uyghurs

By — (March 4, 2013)

A recently appointed official of a county in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region is cracking down on religious activities—from mandatory daily prayers to traditional burial rites—of the mostly Muslim Uyghurs, causing much anxiety among the community.

Vice governor Haki had severely tightened restrictions since taking office two years ago, forcing residents to hold religious practices normally performed at home in mosques, where women and anyone under age 18 are not permitted, according to Uyghurs in Ghulja county in Xinjiang’s Ili autonomous prefecture.

A Uyghur woman said that in a recent incident plainclothes officers took photos of a group of children at a mosque with their parents as part of prayer ceremonies for a recently-deceased relative, prompting a “Cultural Revolution-style self-criticism” led by Haki in the house of worship.

Crick to continue:

2011 arrest of Chinese Muslims by PRC army looking much like a hockey fight

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5 Replies to “China: Official Tightens Religious Restrictions Affecting Muslim Uyghurs”

  1. Three cheers for the Chinese in clamping down on these backward lunatics that choose to live like the Tibetians in primative conditions screaming about religious freedom, sortof like the Indians in Canada, that is the native Indians,,,,and furthermore, I.d like to see the top four or five of our government, along with their wives and kids, just go and hang out in that region, without their body guards, just like ordinary tourists, and then see what they have to say about this region….

    Bravo to the Chinese and their attempts to bring these backward crackpots into the age of technology, they put 100s of millions into infrastructure in these hell hole places. There are plenty of escapees from the bordering countries just hanging out and planning their terror in these areas.

    This will give all the halfwit social workers at the UN, and other human rights groups fodder for their rightous causes,,,,perhaps even our new department will come to their aid meanwhile Christians and Jews are being persecuted in the 10s of thousands all over the world.

    For Gawd sakes lets help these poor islamic victims

  2. Looked like the non ‘Slum locals had had enough of those whacky Uighurs. I was wondering why many were carrying clubs and the Police didn’t seem to object.

  3. Beware for this is really not about those arrested, who they are or even their crimes if any, but rather the abuse of state power. Total power against total helplessness as seen in this clip!

    When the law maker becomes the law breaker and justice has been dispelled then everyone down to the innocent babe born upon this hour are captives to the whims of tyrants and their diabolical handlers!

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