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8 Replies to “Erdogan compares Zionism to fascism, claims it is a “crime against humanity” at a UN tolerance summit”

  1. I don’t think that asshole even know what fascism is, damn Turkey is awash with giant turkish flags, he waltz in germany ordering his subjects not to integrate to their host society, his damn creed is pisslam which wants all of the world’s people to convert or be enslaved or killed.

  2. No, he doesn’t know what Fascism is.
    Just like most Muslims, Leftists, Muslim sympathisers, anti-Semites and similar animals, words like fascism, freedom, justice, truth and humanity are a complete mystery to him and probably mean the opposite of what he thinks they mean.
    What an idiotic, misinformed, pompous and evil piece of pig-crap he is!

  3. IMO this evil man is doing more for the advancement of Mohammedanism and it’s unification than anyone else alive. Even more than Barry Sotero.

  4. Its my catch-line, Erdogan just stole it and changed the words, it should be

    “islam is a crime against humanity”.

    A fun fact :

    Every time I try to write Erdogan my spell check program want me to write “underdog” 🙂

  5. “Crime against humanity”—how glibly Erdogan latches on to this phrase, without thought, without understanding. He reveals his own abysmal (or willful) ignorance by using these words, which rightfully attach themselves to the worst episodes of human history, and not to the efforts of a tiny nation to give refuge to the world’s most persecuted people. A few choice words that I’d apply to Erdogan’s mindset are: retrograde, backward, hateful, spiteful, and stupid—but also conniving, calculated, shrewd, and without doubt —evil. With outbursts such as this, he damns his own country’s chances of ever joining the EU, or ever being considered an enlightened nation..

  6. For once Edogan hit the nail on the head. It’s really great to see a world leader who’s not afraid to call it like it is. Good on you sir.

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