Hey! There are some cool people in Tunisia!

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Tunisia probes “Harlem Shake” students as video goes viral

Tunisian authorities have ordered a probe into the staging of a “Harlem Shake” show in a Tunis suburb by students who dance wildly and imitate sexual acts, after a video recording went viral on the Internet.

“The ministry of education has demanded an investigation and the department will take appropriate measures,” Education Minister Abdellatif Abid said on private Radio Mosaique.

He said there could be possible “expulsions” of students or “sacking” of educational staff who were behind the staging of the dance.

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4 Replies to “Hey! There are some cool people in Tunisia!”

  1. Could it be (wishful thinking) that after a millennium or so of Islamic oppression followed by a brief few years of Westernisation (and some freedom) that there are generations alive today who don’t want a return to the dark days of Sharia now that they’ve had a taste of modernisation, and that these people won’t simply lie down and take it?
    Let’s hope so.
    The Muslims conquered Arabia, North Africa, Persia and India. Let’s hope that this will be their most difficult and impossible conquest of all; taking over a modern World, that with its science, information technology and secular exchange of ideas just simply can’t be beaten!

  2. OT- USA-TEXAS – State Investigation Launched After Students Dress in Burqas

    A Texas lawmaker is launching an investigation after a teacher reportedly invited female students to dress up in Islamic garb and then told her classroom they should call Muslim terrorists – freedom fighters.

    State Sen. Dan Patrick, chairman of the senate education committee, told Fox News he is very disturbed by the photograph as well as reports that students were exposed to a story that blamed Egypt’s turmoil on democracy – rather than the Muslim Brotherhood.

    “Parents are very sensitive to any issue that seems to be anti-American – that blames democracy for some sort of trouble in the world,” he said.
    A Texas mom became outraged after she discovered a Facebook photo of her child wearing Islamic garb.

    The lesson on Islam was taught in a world geography class at Lumberton High School. The teacher brought burqas and other Islamic clothing for the female students to wear. They were also assigned to write an essay based on a Washington Post story that blamed Egypt’s troubles on democracy – instead of the Muslim Brotherhood.


  3. Bob I understand that in Iran over 80% of the people never go to the Mosque because they are sick and tired of Islam and Sharia.

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