Youth worker out celebrating her birthday egged on pack of thugs as they beat and stabbed young soldier leaving him partially disembowelled

Daily Mail:

  • Jasmine Nassif, 21, spurred on gang attack after ‘taking offence’
  • Off duty soldier Alfred Kyei-Baffour, 21, stabbed twice during brawl
  • Nassif jailed for two years for her part in assault outside London’s Guildhall

A council youth worker who took part in a gang attack which left a soldier partially disembowelled was jailed for two years today.

Jasmine Nassif, who had been out celebrating her 21st birthday, was one of a gang which attacked four clubbers, including on-leave British squaddie Alfred Kyei-Baffour outside London’s Guildhall.

The attackers had taken offence after one of the other party started chatting up girls in their group.

The violence was captured on CCTV and showed Mr Kyei-Baffour and his friends being chased by at least ten people while being punched and kicked before a baseball bat appears and is used to hit on their the heads and body.

During the melee the British Army squaddie was stabbed twice causing deep wounds and his ‘intestines to hang out’ leaving him with life threatening injuries last July. He has made a recovery and has returned to his regiment.

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