Minister: ”Make the Church multi-religious!”

Church of Sweden: “Crucifying Jesus all over again”

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Minister: ”Make the Church multi-religious!”

Anna Bergström

Ulf Kristersson proposes that the Church of Sweden must contain all religions

Do away with Christianity and turn the church into a multi-religious meeting place. That was the future vision of Ulf Kristersson (of Moderaterna, liberal conservatives), the Swedish Minister for Social Security, during the recent brainstorming day ”Se Framtiden” (“See the Future”). The Swedish Archbishop, however, was skeptical.

Some 250 persons had gathered on February 6th at the conference center Norra Latin in Stockholm to discuss visions and challenges for the Church of Sweden. During a panel discussion, a variety of ideas were presented, proposing what the Church of Sweden can do for its members, in order to put an end to the ongoing flight of members from the Church.

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6 Replies to “Minister: ”Make the Church multi-religious!””

  1. Sweden is dying. It’s a sign of the times. Even the churches are being pressured to abandon God and share their worship with those who worship false gods.

    At that time many will turn from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.
    Matthew 24:10

    What is happening in Sweden is happening all over, but Sweden is leading the field here.

  2. Serve them right for sitting on the fence while the Nazis invaded Norway in WWII and even favouring the Nazis. Sweden had a standing army 10 times the size of Australia’s at the start of the war… Britain managed to get forces in to Norway to help the Norwegians while Norway’s nearest neigbour did nothing but aplaud the Nazis. No surprises that many over there are rolling over for another totalitarian mob…..

  3. Swedes paying the price of centuries of backstabbing Poland and Russia in both Christian and Pagan times. The forced sterilizations , going well on into the seventies, are also a reason to call down the wrath. If you have to fight illegitimacy, forced abortion is superior to sterilization afterwards Sweden can only repent by legalizing euthanasia, or maybe Poland should invade Sweden. The Netherlands should call dibs on Norway. If the Netherlands take Norway, oil can no longer be used as an excuse for islamization. Si7r against Thule.

    @Ross A Lloyd
    You are very right. Neo-Nazis claim that a Nazi victory would have prevented a multicultural society, but this is a blatant lie.

  4. While I would be against Nazi’s could you tell me how a Nazi victory would not have prevented multiculturalism,not including European cultures. Apart from slave labour I doubt the normal German or even other Europeans of that time would put up with the shit that is happening now.

  5. In a first, local Swedish authority allows Islamic call to prayer

    A municipality in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has allowed the recitation of adhan, the call to prayer, through minaret speakers, in an unprecedented move.

    Islamic Cultural Center of Botkyrka, a municipality in Stockholm mostly populated by immigrants, applied almost a month ago to municipal authorities, seeking permission for recitation of the adhan before Friday prayers through speakers in the minaret of the Fittja Mosque, located within the boundaries of Botkyrka.

    The municipal council recently convened and unanimously approved the request. ?smail Okur, the head of the Islamic center, told the Anatolia news agency that the first adhan will be broadcast in March after the technical preparations are completed.

    “The authorities will measure the sound level. According to the rules, the sound of the adhan shall reach two kilometers at most from the mosque,” Okur remarked, referring to the regional authorities who granted permission for the adhan recitation through minaret speakers.

    He further stated that Botkyrka is a region mostly populated by Muslims and the Fittja Mosque is the only mosque in Sweden that has a minaret.

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