Malmo Mayor moved by Mohamed art

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Published: 20 Feb 13 17:20 CET | Print version

The mayor of Malmö has slammed an upcoming exhibition of work by controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks, saying he hoped no one would visit the gallery to see artwork he said was “associated with xenophobes”.


“Of course he has the right to display what he calls art anywhere he wants,” Mayor Ilmar Reepalu told the TT news agency.

“But as far as I can gather, this is pretty bad art and I think they want to use the gallery for political ends,” he added.

“Vilks is increasingly associated in people’s minds with xenophobic groups at the far right of the political spectrum. I hope not a single person visits the gallery.”

News of the show, set to open in July, prompted representatives from different religions in the multicultural southern city to call an emergency meeting,

Some observers appeared frightened that the show would provoke a violent reaction.

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4 Replies to “Malmo Mayor moved by Mohamed art”

  1. Sunshine and truth are painful to Sweden. They have an on going nightmare to contend with until a last straw tips one way or another. Tough and rough wake up coming for the Swedes, tougher and much rougher for the ‘Slums.

  2. Too true Blackbird.

    There is wakening coming soon. All these Quisling politicians will be running for cover trying to justify their actions by claiming that they were only trying to prevent social disorder.

    As for Muslims in the West, my advice – building mosques is a bad investment. All that money paid for land, bricks, mortar and labour will simply go poof.

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