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9 Replies to “Muslim in New Jersey, USA, targeted, murdered two Coptic Egyptian Christians. Beheaded them”

  1. Wow!

    A Muslim kills two Coptic Christians, and no one has the slightest idea about any motive.

    Someone on the vid suggests that it might have had something to with religion. But that can’t be true – because as we know, there’s nothing in the teachings of Islam that sanction that sort of violence against Christians. Islam is the religion of peace, as we know.

    I mean, if there was some connection with religion we would surely see signs of it in Egypt, where these people came from, but we don’t.

    What a mystery!

  2. @Tadpole:

    Exactly. And the gruesome method of taking out these two non-muslims – decapitation – is not associated with the methods often taken by members of any particular middle eastern cult.

    Saying anything to the contrary would be politically incorrect and be seen to be ‘profiling’ – and we can’t have that in our free societies, can we? In fact I’m surprised that the police department made the comment that the (alleged) perpetrator was ‘ruthless and calculating’. We don’t want the obvious to cloud the judgement of any jury.

    I hope the justice system there ‘strikes fear and terror into the hearts’ of the guilty parties.

  3. Mystery. Truly a mystery. Muslim beheads two Coptic Christians – truly a mystery. Even the Coptic Christian community is completely mystified, if we believe the MSM.

    What is truly a mystery is the cognitive disability of the MSM when it comes to the RoP. Is it a virus? What is it?

  4. It is certainly another case of “WE MAY NEVER KNOW” mystification. Although a Coptic community now has an example of how Muslims will conduct relations with American Copts on a local basis. Just like back home.

  5. @Dana Garcia

    Old English font on the tat. Looks like the fella perverted to Islam recently, probably in prison. Good place to convert people to a religion where they can rape, rob and murder under a religious mandate for righteous fun and profit. It’s living the jihadists dream.

  6. Once again political correctness is the cause of death, and once again the politically correct refuse to live in the real world.

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