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9 Replies to “Not sure what to make of this. Proselytizing at public schools, OK for Muslims? Only if its kids?”

  1. “Not sure what to make of this”

    Then you are less cynical than I am. For me it’s absolutely clear. Why is everyone still pussyfooting around, swallowing Taquia with the most vulgar of sweeteners…the only question that remains is: is it 5 to midnight, or already 5 past midnight.

  2. @ richard. I think we, in countries based on judeo-christian cultures, we should allow moslems to openly express their religion only once they reciprocate in islamic countries. I can’t think of even ONE yet.

  3. Excactly, Richard, exactly. And if we dont put a stop to it NOW, this will be happening in our countries too.You only have to look at Egypt and all the other invaded countries who were beautiful once upon a time.

  4. Its a declaration of war.

    Its easy to understand. “Respect islam and mohammed or we wage war against you”.

    Logically, I am an enemy of islam.

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