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5 Replies to “Gavin Boby Ottawa Feb 4 2013 complete speech”

  1. Cool calm and collected. WOW.

    He is right. We have to fight islam not because we hate islam but because we love our own way of life and the freedom that follows.

    But he have so many good points that its impossible to count.

    BTW. Video III is only 35min and all of it is worth to watch 🙂

  2. Is this a request? I can try and look over the footage tonight and see if there is much that is worthwhile. It takes a while to edit as there was 2 cameras there and I have to be careful as I don’t know who wants to be on cam and who doesn’t so it may mean adding some facial blurs.

  3. Hi, yes it was a request. I always find audience question and answers to add another valuable dimension to these types of talks. I do understand your point re: respecting privacy of individuals who might not want to appear on camera (although this was a public talk with clearly visible cameras). Thank you for posting these videos. Cheers.

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