Hundreds of muslims busted in Russia. Imam caught in a bare faced lie

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Thank you Golem Bar and Dar-Link for the translation on the video and the article.

Raiding the St. Petersburg Jamaat

Hundreds of Islamic extremists were arrested in Russia over the weekend. The news video below from Russian TV concerns the large raids took place in St. Petersburg.

An article on the same topic — which differs in some of the details, interestingly enough — was published last Saturday by Once again, thanks to DarLink for the translation:

In St. Petersburg, the FSB and MVD Special Forces detained about 500 Muslims. The operation took place in the Apraksin Dvor mosque as well. Among the detained are Tajiks, Uzbeks, Azeris, immigrants from the North Caucasus, Egyptians, and Afghans. There is a first suspect in the “Petersburg Jamaat” case: according to the investigation, he uploaded videos of the terror attacks to the web.

On Friday evening law enforcement agencies began large-scale operation in St. Petersburg, in Apraksin Dvor Market. They searched the Tajik mosque, located on the territory of the clothing market, looking for banned literature. The quarter was surrounded, and near building number 15, where the mosque is located on the 3rd floor, hundreds of SpezNaz soldiers were waiting. The prayer had just began, but Muslims were not allowed to finish it.

During the prayer, at the threshold with a bang appeared people with guns, wearing masks and body armor.

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3 Replies to “Hundreds of muslims busted in Russia. Imam caught in a bare faced lie”

  1. Quote: looking for banned literature.

    That must be hate literature that calls for the death of Christians. What kind of a book or books that would write such disgusting stuff? It must be Right wing stuff.

  2. Is it just me or is there anybody else can’t understand, 1.) Why did they not just put the Door in?? 2.) And why do they have no power in their own Country to Dictate the Law of the Land to these cretins,?? – if the Troops or Police Force in any other Country turn up with Guns they mean Big Business,and NOTHING, or NOBODY gets in their way?? – why the Kid Gloves??

  3. :Looks like Putin’s, gamble of supporting Iran is not paying off, the Moslems are working to bring all of Russia into the Caliphate.

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