Links and news for Feb 10 2013

1. Jihad Rapes His Sister, Impregnates Her and Honor Kills Her

2. Officials: Obama coming to Israel to prevent strike on Iran

3. Plans for Chipping Norton mosque scrapped after threats

4. President Pranab Mukherjee rejected a mercy petition from Mohammad Afzal Guru and he was hanged at 8 a.m. Riots ensue. 


5. “It’s not the video that’s the threat to peace, but the brutal reaction to satire and criticism” Youtube blocked in Egypt for a month.

6. The un-redacted manifesto of the LA serial killer cop-of-cops. I post this not so much for its content, but because center to left wing mass media world wide blamed the influences of Anders Breivik and especially the Norwegian historian and intellectual, ‘Fjordman’, because Anders quoted them and cited them as influences. The same media published redacted versions of this man’s manifesto to make sure that no one knew his influences were left wing icons such as President Obama. (Interestingly Anders also cited Obama as an influence but that did not spill a lot of ink.) If I were to use the logic of most of the media, then I would be insisting Obama take his share of the blame for this mans actions. But as I am not, and as I feel that Obama has quite enough legitimate blame of his own to take for Benghazi alone, I don’t see the need to add things for which he had no control.

7.  3 hour video exposing current CIA chief nominee as a secret convert to Islam by retired FBI agent. Fortunately this starts right at the beginning. I have not watched it all yet.

8. Canada: 76% of immigrants being investigated for fraud come from Islamic nations.

9. Mockery of media at White House press conference

10. Geert Wilders on Hard talk. Upload date: Jan 1 2013

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8 Replies to “Links and news for Feb 10 2013”

  1. RUSSIA – Nearly 300 Muslim terrorists arrested in St-Petersburg last Friday

    […]Meanwhile, Russian police have detained 271 people, most of them from the North Caucasus and central Asia, in an investigation into involvement in “terrorist activities”, authorities in St Petersburg said.

    Russia is concerned that Islamist militants could become a greater threat outside the heavily Muslim North Caucasus region, plagued by an insurgency rooted in two post-Soviet separatist wars in the republic of Chechnya.

    In a statement, the regional investigative committee in St Petersburg said that most detainees were from the North Caucasus and the former Soviet republics of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. An Egyptian and an Afghan were also detained.

    The committee said they were detained “in order to check if they had legal grounds for being in St Petersburg and their possible involvement in terrorist activities.”

    They were detained during an overnight raid on St Petersburg’s oldest market.

    Authorities said security forces had been searching for extremist literature, weapons, drugs and documents related to a recently-launched criminal case in connection with “public justification of terrorism and incitement of hatred”.

    The authorities did not say whether any of those detained were suspected of involvement in plotting or carrying out attacks.

    Many market traders in Russian cities are from the North Caucasus or central Asia.

    Local media said police had initially detained 700 people.

  2. Obama will do all he can to prevent Israel from attacking Iran, he wants Iran to get nuclear weapons and spread jihad all around the world.

  3. Can’t tell you the number of extreme left wing idiots in India making this terrorist Afzal Guru look like a victim of the Indian goverment. Left wing extremist every where in the world haven’t met a Muslim terrorist they did not like. Ironic since once Muslims take over a country it is these left wing idiots that they despise and eventually kill as thy have no more use for them.

  4. Re. the Chipping Norton Mosque. I live about twenty miles away and visit or pass through quite frequently. It is a lovely,thriving market town, a real corner of a real England and I am in no way surprised that the landord should suspect that there is more than person over there who is of the same sentiments as whomsoever made the threatening ‘phone call.

    Roots in that area run deep, and away from the psychological and moral rot the years of multiculti indoctrination have afflicted upon the more urban chattering classes Islamisation has not been so meekly accepted as it has in the cities and larger towns.

  5. Seneca III the same thing is happening in the States, the rural areas are clinging to the traditional values and the Constitution, it is the urban and to a lesser extent the suburbs that are biuying into the leftist BS.

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