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4 Replies to “Acts 17 exposes Islamic thuggery in style”

  1. I love this guy and now that I know the reason that Muslims wear those ridiculous baggy robes is because they are dressing in Aisha’s nightie, brings a big smile to my face!

  2. LUV THIS!
    SoftlyBob . . .In addition to the man-dress, the black sack apparently serves multiple deceptive purposes as well.
    A couple of weeks ago, I viewed a 1960’s non-pc documentary film, “SLAVE TRADE IN THE WORLD TODAY” which is based on “The White Slave Trade” by Sean O’Callaghan (published in 1965).

    Intrigued by the uninhibited expose of this documentary video, I purchased the book upon which it is based and found the following details quite revealing. At the bottom of page 52, the author explains how white/mixed race gals were transported for the Arab slave trade.

    “An even more remarkable case of the use of aeroplanes for the transportation of white slaves was told to me by an employee of one of the large oil companies who works in Kuwait. I had first met him in Aden and ran into him again in Beirut. We were discussing my last book “The Slave Trade” when he said: “you know, Sean, by an amazing soincidence I had just finished reading your book when I saw as brazen and lawful a piece of slave trading, if one can use the word lawful for anything in this filthy racket. As you know I work in Kuwait and come here for enjoyment. Part of my job is to order stores from local merchants. I met one who had often invited me to his house. I went mainly because of boredom, for he was a terrific bore, a name-dropper. He was forever telling me to look up this and that night-club here in Beirut and to mention his name. Eventually I did so, and received a royal welcome. Every one of them were brothels. However, on my last trip I met Ali, accidentally at the airport. He seemed embarrassed to see me, as he was accompanied by four veiled women whom I took to be his wives, of course he didn’t introduce me to them, and I left him after a few minutes conversation. As we left the plane at Kuwait I was right behind one of his wives. When we got on the tarmac she turned to me and said in a perfect cockney accent, ‘Bloody hot, ain’t it?’ Ali heard her and grabbed her, pulling her away.
    After that I made discreet inquiries about Ali. I discovered that in addition to his legitimate business he ran a racket in white slaves. It was a perfectly simple one. As a Muslim he was entitled to have four wives. When he got tired of one he simply said, “I divorce thee’ three times and then he was entitled to take another wife. He sold the wife he had divorced, went to Beirut, bought another one, and repeated the procedure all over again. The English girl was one he had just bought. She was probably a drug addict with no hope of escape. After he tired of her he would sell her too.”

    From my own experience I knew that my friend’s story was absolutely true. The all covering gowns the women wear cover a multitude of sins.”

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