More Egyptian riot videos.

As so many riots and so very many riot videos have come out of Egypt since the religion of peace won the elections, I have decided to implement a system of ratings to help you all determine whether the video is worth your time.

Thanks for sending them Magic Marty

The categories will be rated from 1 to 10 and I will place an X where the answer is unknown.

1. Cairo Jan 26 2013

Rock throwing                 3

general importance        X

Destruction of infrastructure 3

Major fires                        1

Drumming and chanting 2.5

Tear gas football  (US)        5

Use of green lasers              7

Tear gas football 8

Green laser play 2

General importance X

Vehicle fires 6

Stomping on pictures 5 1/2


Marching cops 4

Stupid watermarks 7

Green Lasers
(Anything over a 7 can cause a mild headache) 7

Throwing rocks at each other 6

General importance X

More to come.

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