Iran official: Attack on Syria is attack on Iran


Associated Press

BEIRUT (AP) — Issuing Tehran’s strongest warning to date, a top Iranian official said Saturday that any attack on Syria would be deemed an attack on Iran, a sign that it will do all it can to protect embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, made his comments as Syrian troops conducted offensive air raids against rebels and discovered a trio of tunnels they were using to smuggle weapons in their fight to topple Assad.

The world has been grappling over how to deal with Syria ever since an uprising against Assad’s regime erupted nearly two years ago. But so far, there has been no international intervention on the ground where more than 60,000 people have been killed, according to the U.N.

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  1. Iran wants to control the new Caliphate so does the MB, right now Syria is the battle ground they are fighting on, what is scary is that we know Iran has biological and chemical weapons that it has shared with Syria and which according to some reports Syria is using against the rebels. If the MB wins Iran is committed to attacking the rebels, if Syria wins the MB is committed to attacking Iran and any nation supports them. Add into the mix the fact that Iran either has or will soon acquire nuclear weapons, weapons that all 21st Century leaders of Iran have promised to use to destroy Israel, since the Iranian leadership believes that the Mahdi will return only when there is hell on earth I believe them when they say they are going to nuke Israel and possibly other places such as Saudi.

    This is occurring at the time when Obama is busy tearing down the US military and sending our best weapons to the MB, weapons that Israel and other US allies are going to face in the near future.

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