Our town’s like a foreign country and locals can’t cope with the immigrants, says mother after TV clash with academic on Question Time

 Daily Mail:

  • Office worker Rachel Bull challenged leading historian Mary Beard on the impact of immigration on her Lincolnshire
  • The academic dismissed claims the town is being overwhelmed by migrant workers as ‘myths’, but Mrs Bull insists Boston is ‘at breaking point’

By John Stevens

PUBLISHED: 23:54 GMT, 18 January 2013 | UPDATED: 12:50 GMT, 19 January 2013

A mother who tackled a leading historian on live television about immigration insisted last night that her family’s home town has become like a ‘foreign country’.

On BBC1’s Question Time, Professor Mary Beard dismissed stories about the number of migrant workers overwhelming Boston as ‘myths’ and said ‘public services can cope’.

But Rachel Bull, an office manager in Boston, who  was in the audience, immediately challenged the Cambridge University classics professor, claiming hospitals and schools are struggling to cope in the Lincolnshire agricultural town.

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Rachel Bull voiced her concerns on BBC Question Time
Mary Beard insisted public services in Boston 'could cope'
Clash: Office worker Rachel Bull, left, challenged Professor Mary Beard, right, on Question Time when the historian dismissed claims that Boston is being overwhelmed by migrant workers

Mrs Bull – whose grandparents moved to Britain from Poland after the Second World War – said that she is not against immigration, but believes ministers should reconsider allowing Romanians and Bulgarians unrestricted rights to live and work in the UK from December 2013.

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8 Replies to “Our town’s like a foreign country and locals can’t cope with the immigrants, says mother after TV clash with academic on Question Time”

  1. Note: Mary Beard saying the Infirmary would be closed without the new immigrants.

    Meaning the native born doesn’t exist in the area anymore. But the way she put it made it sound like a good thing.

    These people are dangerous

  2. It is one lie after another. I would like most of them to tell me how all bars,restaurants,fruit and veg,landscape ,builders and the rest happened to have people from the British isles working in them twenty years ago. I suppose no one can be bothered any more eh? It is pure and simple down to two reasons.Labour wanted to change society into some utopian orgy of inter ethnic love and to gain the support of business by enabling not only the exploitation of the British working classes ,but the exploitation of the immigrants as , by driving down wages. Those who support labour now are either ideologically in bed with them or too bloody stupid to see the writing on the wall.

  3. The great Lord Denning was of the opinion that codified European law was philosophically
    inferior to English common law!
    He was absolutely right!
    The immigration problem that the UK wrestles with needs to be dealt with.
    There’s a lot of the UKIP policy that I support.

  4. The big three British political parties have very little public support on their pro-european policies.Ukip under Farage are looking better and better each day!

  5. Spot on “Ohhh God” us lazy good for nothing British don’t want to work. Before the eastern europeans came to Boston no work ever got done apparently. We just sat around all day while the crops rotted in the fields.

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