Links and news for Jan 17th 2013

1. Germany brings substantial fraction of its gold reserves back to Berlin

This is more profound than it may seem to most I suspect.

2. Algerian forces in fight to release hostages… or something. No one seems quite sure.

3. PJ Media on political assassination of 3 Kurdish women in France. They neglect to mention, as Richard points out, that the Kurds represent a potential non-Islamic autonomous zone in ‘Dar al Islam’ which is unacceptable to Muslims.

4. Honest Reporting Canada has two important stories.

5. Malian soldiers training without ammunition to prepare for going up against hard-core Mustard terrorists. While this is funny on the surface, I wish Canada would pony up and send these guys a few thousand cases of ammo and some really good weapons. They both need and deserve them, unlike the Afghans we train to attack our own people on our own bases and work with the enemy and use our materials to blackmail local villagers for their womenfolk and goods.

6. Women to be disallowed from stage performances in Malaysia.

7. Saudi Arabia beheads young Sri Lankan maid

8. Harvard Law faculty praises Koran verse as greatest statement of justice. And they must know right? Cause president Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review for a time. In fact, he was the only editor of that publication never to actually write anything in it.

9. The UK seems ready to drop at least one of its obscene and totalitarian speech-crimes laws.


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  1. Ref 8: Harvard Law faculty praises Koran verse as greatest statement of justice.

    It baffles me how these Leftists, most of whom are religion-hating Atheists can pick out verses from the Koran and see them as profound statements of peace and wisdom. It only goes to show what utter imbeciles they are.
    Oh, and I guess that they’ve never heard of abrogation!

  2. The most important links in the article are the ones about Germany moving their gold reserves to Germany. The only reasons I can come up with is they are expecting social unrest (civil wars) in the nations where it is currently stored, or they think the governments of those nations are planning to confiscate the gold.

    Gold is used by nations to pay off massive debts, most nations store large quantities of gold in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, when some is transferred from one nation to another it is simply moved from one underground vault to another. If Germany moves all of its reserves out of the US they will have to physically move the gold from Germany to the nation they are paying and have the other nations move gold to them when they are receiving payment. So yes Eeyore this is more profound then most of the non financial trained people realize.

  3. @Softly Bob
    You don’t seem to know too much about Atheists either Bob. I’m an Atheist and I know very little about the Koran or the Tora or the Bible. Do you know why? Because I’m not interested in any religion even though I was brought up in a Catholic family.

    There is a difference between being none religious and anti religious. I am none religious except when it comes to Islam, because I don’t regard Islam as a religion but a destructive political force.

    There are fools who pretend to be Atheists and there are genuine Atheists who belong to no particular order nor do they wish to be, because they are individual free thinkers. I belong to the latter.

  4. As for arming Mali, it’s 90% Muslim! Is there a profit margin down the road for dumping a nickle on the place. It is 90% Muslim! That should mean something and it isn’t positive or worth a drop of sweat , blood or treasure.

  5. The Germans are right to move ALL their gold out of France – mind you, reading about Germany, it will soon follow France the road down to the gutter of islamisation – but France is already there.

    item 2. “Algerian forces in fight to release hostages… or something”
    It’s the “something” with Algerians always. I would not trust anything coming out of there, from whatever side! They are, in my personal experience, the most ugly import into France – the worst of the bad lot that is the Maghreb. Nothing good came out of Algeria since ever!
    An (Irish) survivor is just quoted in the local press as reporting that the “Algerian” forces have bombarded the jeeps full of fleeing hostages. Could be a “mistake” by the Algerian “government”, but they were mainly “foreign” hostages in those jeeps.

    You may now call me a complete cynical, and an angry one at that ! Here is a reason for my anger:

  6. Have you got a link to this please? “An (Irish) survivor is just quoted in the local press as reporting that the “Algerian” forces have bombarded the jeeps full of fleeing hostages”

  7. I just saw this! I thought you may be interested in it since it ties to 9/11 & bil Laden’s brother sending koranimals over for flight training at the FLA school.

    FINALLY! Rudi Dekkers Behind Bars for Drug Trafficking

    “Evil in Our Backyard:” The Rudi Dekkers Dossier

    Harris County docket:

  8. My first thoughts: who let those clowns in – and why do they need to be so pathologically exhibitionist – are they phallically challenged THAT much?….but on seeing the video with the children I ask:


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