Family Jailed In Egypt For Becoming Christian

Sky news:

A mother and her seven children are jailed for 15 years for converting to Christianity and changing their names.

Egyptian Muslims and Christians celebrate Coptic Christmas eve mass, at Tahrir Square in CairoEgyptian Christians celebrate Coptic Christmas mass in Tahrir Square, Cairo

Egypt family jailed Beni SuefThe family were jailed in Beni Suef

  • A mother and her seven children have been jailed for 15 years in Egypt for converting back to Christianity.

Nadia Mohamed Ali and her children Mohab, Maged, Sherif, Amira, Amir and Nancy were sentenced at the criminal court in Beni Suef, 70 miles south of Cairo.

Another seven people involved in the case were also sentenced to five years in prison, according to reports.

Nadia was born a Christian, but converted to Islam when she married husband Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab Mustafa 23 years ago.

He later died, and she planned to convert back to Christianity along with her family.

In 2004, after converting back to Christianity, they attempted to get new identity cards with their Christian names on them.

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  1. Any nation that imprisons people for changing their religion is one that should not exist, and any religion that refuses to let people leave should not exist.

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