Canadian Missing In Afghanistan Had A Terror Tie

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A photo of Boyle and Khadr from 2009.

Media coverage of the disappearance of an American/Canadian couple in Afghanistan has so far left out an important detail: the identity of the husband, identified in the American press simply as “Josh” because of the wife, Caitlan Coleman’s family wish to protect his privacy.

Now Canadian media outlets have named Josh as Joshua Boyle, and his real identity throws a new and strange element into the story: Boyle’s ex-wife is Zainab Khadr, whose father has been linked to Al-Qaeda and whose brother, Omar Khadr, the only Canadian citizen ever held in Guantanamo Bay.

“Canadians may remember Boyle as the former husband of Zaynab Khadr, the once outspoken sister of Omar Khadr who spent a decade in Guantanamo Bay before his transfer to Canadian custody this fall,” the Toronto Star wrote on December 31 when the news of the couples’ disappearance broke.

“He later worked as a Khadr family ‘spokesperson’ — helping organize Zaynab Khadr’s Parliament Hill hunger strike in the fall of 2008 to raise awareness of her brother’s case in Guantanamo,” the article continues. This chart from The Globe and Mail maps out the connections between the Khadr and Boyle families.

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Rita discovered this. It is small wonder why comments are disabled on this video now that we know the connections. They ask for compassion for their kin that those same kin would never show to Canadians. In fact they despise us and work 3 shifts to see us dead or disenfranchised.

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