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4 Replies to “Obama ignores Islamification of Egypt? Ikhwan infiltration of the white house? No!”

  1. Michael Coren is a brilliant man what I would like to know is, do him and other journalists really believe that Obama isn’t deliberately working to help the MB destroy western civilization or are they afraid they will sound like conspiracy nuts if they say what the facts prove?

  2. Coren Is not a brilliant man. He supports the USA and refuses to be very critical of Obama. Obama’s male parents are muslms, he went to islamic school and says stuoid things about the greatness of islam and the west should not criticise it. Obama never defends christians. He never defends jews. Coren is an ass

  3. You are right in that Obama is now working directly in the interests of Islam. My follow-up novel to “Soul Saviour” is going to tip the bucket on him and his backers when released in May. Now in his second term Obama is no longer disguising his actions…

  4. Not necessarily an ass, he may be trying to keep from making trouble between Canada and the US, he is still smart just not attacking everyone we would like.

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