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3 Replies to “MEMRI: Egyptian Women Cut Hair in Protest of Harassment during Constitution Referendum”

  1. Tut Tut Ladies, those scissors are not large enough to be an effective weapon. If you are going to go on the streets – be prepared to protect yourselves.
    Garden shears would have been better.

  2. The Egyptians have voted overwhelmingly in favor of going back to Medieval times and living under ancient Bedouin law. That is what the majority of Egyptians desire with all their hearts and there is nothing anybody in the world can do about it. Young, Western-friendly Arabs are going to have to learn to stop fighting the inevitable and accept their fates. It is the will of the majority and there is nothing they can do about it. The West cannot help them either because they are obliged to respect decisions based on fair elections, and that is what this is. If you are an Egyptian there is no music or dancing or movie or freedom-of-speech in your future. You will never be able to take a girl out to a show or go for a slice of pizza. You will probably never have a job and no one from your country will accomplish anything that you can be proud of for as long as you live, while your failed state will always be in a state of phony war with the Israelis and the Americans. I suggest you very discreetly start using opium…

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