Gavin Boby: Melbourne Australia speech to the Q society

The audio is sub optimal but hopefully people will be willing to take the time and effort to listen to this important short speech by Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom Foundation on how to stop mosques from going up in your neighborhood and perhaps more importantly, why you should stop them. Turn up the speakers or wear headphones or whatever you have to do to understand this. It is worth the effort.

I hope to have better files of this speech over time and be able to improve it more than I have so far but for the moment this is all there is.

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  1. Dear Vlad…yep, I filmed this…as best one could considering. There were three problems per se. Sadly, Rauf refused to let me plug straight into the desk as you normally do saying we had no time..[it takes thirty seconds and we had ten minutes] I had only an albeit very good baffle mike. Secondly they didn’t adjust Gavin’s mike correctly or apparently advise him on the best position for speaking. Thirdly, I had to film from a far side of the room. Go figure. No, really. Colonel Neville.

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