Girl gang-raped in moving bus in Delhi

And by the actual STAFF ON THE BUS no less.

This article doesn’t say anything about who did it. India tends to be more PC than England in that way at times. But this event has a familiar ring to it. That is to say, a large group of men including the staff mass raping a girl then beating her and throwing her off the bus would require a shared culture among these men because in any culture other than Islamic, at least one of the men would have objected or more accurately, it would never have occurred to any of them to do this.

There is an interview with a relative of the victim in a local language at the end of this English video. Perhaps a reader who speaks it might enlighten us if there is a hint as to who did this and why.


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  1. I am an Indian and a non muslim and big reader of your blog. But in this instance I would say that it would be too pre-mature to judge it was done by muslims. Even hindus have been raping many women so it would be too early to say anything.

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