‘British whites’ are the minority in London for the first time as census shows number of UK immigrants has jumped by 3million in 10 years

Mail Online:

  • Just 44.9% of Londoners are White British, according to census data
  • 7.5million residents of England and Wales were foreign-born in 2011
  • Census data reveal just 59% now call themselves Christian as a quarter say they have no religion and 5% are Muslim
  • Less than 90% of country is white for the first time ever
  • Home ownership declines but more people have paid off their mortgages
  • Marriage rate dips to record low as fewer than half are hitched

By Hugo Gye

PUBLISHED: 05:39 EST, 11 December 2012 | UPDATED: 14:43 EST, 11 December 2012

White British people are now in a minority in London for the first time, it emerged today as census data revealed that the immigrant population of England and Wales went up by 3million over the past decade.

Just 3.7million Londoners described their ethnicity as ‘White British’ in 2011 – down from 4.3million in 2001, and making up 44.9 per cent of the city’s population.

It is believed to be the first time that British whites have become a minority in any region of the UK.

Another major change to the nation came in the decreasing number of Christians – 4million fewer people claimed to belong to the faith as a quarter of Britons said they had no religion.

Foreign-born: This map shows the areas of England and Wales with the most immigrants (shown lighter) and the least (shown darker)

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18 Replies to “‘British whites’ are the minority in London for the first time as census shows number of UK immigrants has jumped by 3million in 10 years”

  1. And you can thank Tony Bliar and the rest of the common purpose cunts for this! Za Nu Liebour have a fucking shitload of crimes to answer for. Genocide by population replacement comes to mind, as does treason, sedition. Oh yeah Bliar et al got rid of those laws, REVOLUTION ANYONE?

  2. (Cause we aint getting any younger and our kids have been brainwashed by years of ZaNu Labour education, and they know now different)

  3. Working with a nice Pakistani lad now.pleasant young man.educated.he got on the tube today and a black man told him to move or he would kill him.cutting throat gesture ! Great. Inter ethnic hatred is the future.

  4. Both of you are right, when the politicians fear the population you have liberty, when the population fears the politicians you have tyranny.

    The interethnic hatred is a result of the multicultural BS, anyone who has taken even a quick look at the Balkans can tell you this, that is why the US was set up to be a melting pot to melt all immigrants into our culture. It worked until the left started perverting things.

  5. Is this why so many young people died in WW2 defending England from the invaders of that time? There are no words to describe this crime. All those traitorous politicians should simply be executed.

  6. I also agree with Hermes. Now all we need are some willing coup conspirators to overthrow Cameron and all the lackeys in parliament. Pull a Pinochet on them! haha

  7. I would like to add that this masks the true figures. I may be wrong but I believe it said White British was only 80%. I think the term White includes White “other” category too. I think this is were multiculturalism b.s comes in. If the children of the eastern Europeans continue to see themselves as something other than British. I technically shouldn’t put White British on my census, but that’s what I feel iam. The scary thing bout these results as it also does not take into account illegals either. So the true White British figure could be below 80%

  8. Don’t panic. Not all the foreigners are Muslims. Most other foreigners will integrate and become ‘British’. Remember that all the Wagners, Sinatras, McEnroes, Konigsbergs and Johannsonns that live in the U.S.A. were descended from foreigners too. It’s whether British culture is carried on or not. That’s what matters. A couple of generations down, they will be British but with foreign surnames.
    Only Muslims are the real problem. Many of these foreigners came to Britain for a better life. Many of them will turn against Muslims too when they see what the Koran-utangs are doing to ruin British freedom and values. In fact, I suspect that these ‘foreigners’ will turn against Islam before many of the native White Brits do as they have been less brainwashed with political correctness.

  9. The problem is that the left has allowed unrestricted immigration, immigration should be restricted to the number that can be assimilated and to those who want to assimilate.

  10. …and to those of immediate practical use to the country taking them in as Canada did untill the 1960s to fantastic effect. Recently, a Jamaican immigrant who came to Canada in the 1950s told me directly, “Now Canada is letting in all the exact people I left Jamaica to get away from”

  11. Eeorye, funny that I have a Jamaican friend who’s hates what London has become. So he’s saving enough money to buy some land in Jamaica to farm and leave the UK. It’s a shame as we need more good men like him.

  12. Shit! I,ve just seen how my last statement could be read. Let me clairiiffy, the man in question is a close personal friend who I would Trust with my sons’ life. What I meant was it’s a shame he’s leaving as I take a thousand (My friends name) over one “Good muslim” anyday.

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