School reverses gingerbread man ban

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School reverses gingerbread man ban

Published: 9 Dec 12 14:22 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

A 10-year-old was told he could not dress up as a gingerbread man at his school’s traditional Lucia celebration as all references to the cookie had been banned in order to avoid offence.

News about the ban on gingerbread men, gingerbread cookies and gingerbread-themed songs at the school in Laxå in central Sweden spread like wildfire on social media.

Now it looks like the school has backtracked, with the municipality suggesting it was probably a misunderstanding.

According to the local Nerikes Allehanda (NA) newspaper, 10-year-old Mio Simic was told by a teacher that he could not be a gingerbread man in his school’s annual Lucia celebration, a tradition that rivals Christmas in terms of the significance Swedes place on the holiday. It is celebrated in honour of the Catholic Saint Lucia on December 13th.

Schools mark the occasion with a morning procession where girls usually dress up as Lucia, donning white robes and wreaths of candles, while boys dress up as gingerbread men (pepparkaksgubbar), star boys (stjärngossar) or gnomes (tomtar).

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5 Replies to “School reverses gingerbread man ban”

  1. Schools in Canada are the worst perpetrators of socially disolving the traditions of Christmas…..

    Is this or anything like this a shock anymore, the shock is the reversal I guess…

    major news item on all western channels, is the burning at the stake of two practical jokers, because some cracked, bi=polar, off medication, depressed hysterical mentally ill immigrant nurse, working with completely vunerable people, killed herself,
    these two hilarious characters , innocent kids, are the object of world hatred…..How disgusting, pumped up by all media monsters who create this huge mountain….

    Why aren’t any of the bloggers coming to the support of these two radio kids, who just played a practical joke

    The world is becomming sharia compliant, no humor in islam

    It is a political statement to cheerfully greet people with Merry Christmas

    Yesterday in the parking lot of Canadian Tire, coming out, getting into the car, I noticed an islamic
    couple next to me, (wearing of hijab), so I cheerfully yelled out Merry Christmas,
    she looked up, confused, but he cheerfully replied with a smile, Merry Christmas.
    The inside track is what I was thinking, and my motives, (fuckin misogynist islamic idiot)but wouldn\t I love to have been able to read his mind…..(not open hatred, but if I would have said as I usually do when seeing hijabs, fuck islam….he would have frothed at the mouth and attacked

    Another idiot at Home Depot when engaged in discussion, leftist retard, stated, trudeau was a genius, because he realized that one day we will be the minority, small minority in Canada, but
    protected under his great charter


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    A 13-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of tormenting a Muslim family by putting a crucifix of ham outside their home.

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    ‘My wife is too scared to go out on her own, I have to escort her everywhere and can’t leave her and the kids on their own. It’s very distressing.’

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