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14 Replies to “First gay mosque in France”

  1. If islam wants to drag itself out of the 7th century ( and it doesn’t) this is probably not the best way of acheiving those aims.

  2. @Paris Claims (November 30, 2012 at 5:27 am)

    Why not? Is’nt it possible that because of gay’s islam has to become more humane? I mean, they can’t stone them (gays) anymore… As a fact, gay muslim would be the only muslims I would trust.

  3. “As a fact, gay muslim would be the only muslims I would trust.”

    When submission is matched on the outside as well as on the inside, the dance is only for the relief that fire brings.

    That a dead-to-the-soul Buddhist should being him home to the temple to feed is a pattern blind nature makes.

  4. The UK has a gay muslim group called “IMAAN”. At a public talk about 2 years ago, their representative said “we welcome the Caliphate”. They are muslims first and last.

    They claimed there was far more hostility against muslims in gay bars, than there was against gay people by muslims. They were asked to provide evidence of gay people who had threatened to kill all muslims, and could provide none. They were asked to provide evidence of gay people who had stabbed muslims for being muslims, and could provide none. After their talk (which took place before a largely muslim group) the gay muslims practically ran from the room.

    After east London was declared a Gay Free Zone by muslims, a group of gay people tried to organise a Gay Pride march there. The gay muslim group found out the name and address of the man organising the march (through a trade union’s private emails). They displayed his home address on their website (he lived in the centre of the muslim ghetto, his family had lived there for generations before any muslims), and claimed he was the founder of the EDL (he wasn’t). IMAAN only took his details off their website following a police warning that they would be prosecuted as an accessory should something happen to the man. He wanted to organise a Gay Pride march in his own town and needed 24 hour protection to protect him from the actions of cowardly gay muslims who didn’t even have the courage to go and talk to him; they clearly expected some fanatic to go and do their dirty work. The police clearly thought it likely that people would attack him in his home.

    The Left all said that the gay muslim group should organise a gay pride march through east London. They never did. All the evidence points to the gay muslims living as far away from muslim ghettoes as they can. A year later, and Hizb ut Tahrir were holding their annual conference in that muslim ghetto.

    This proposed “gay mosque” in France cannot meet in any of the 1000s of muslim Command & Control Centres across the country. It is meeing in a buddhist centre.

    That says it all.

  5. James highlights the difference between, doms (pederasts) and subs (femmes). Their roots are as distinct a species as wolves and jackels that feed off the vulnerable and sick.
    Two predators that would shout “paedophille” at one and “queer” at the other.

    Islamic homosexuality does not come from the little boy brutalized by an absence of father and socialized mother, but absent mother and radicalized father. An absence of affection leads to self abuse and the abuse of others for a sense of life and identity. What they both have in common is Pride, and a fulfilment of elitism, convinced of their own higher calling and destiny. Narcissism.

    Anger made Socialism and Islam as the peace, where there is no peace, and their children will forge the Communism they call Freedom and Liberty.

  6. There was this article on The Guardian the other day :

    Why I want to open a gay-friendly mosque in Paris

    Being gay and a feminist is not incompatible with Islam. An inclusive place of worship would give hope back to many


    all comments are approving and encouraging


    There is already a prayer room for Muslim tvs in Paris :

  7. @James (November 30, 2012 at 9:47 am)

    I’m very surprised about that. I would expect their attitude would be different. The gay people I know (not muslim) are allways much softer and much more humane.

  8. @ E.Eliveld, Sorry I did not mean to give the impression that the gay muslim group are brave or aggressive. They are cowardly. They will not organise a Gay Pride event in a muslim ghetto, and they put at risk the life of a non-muslim man who would organise it. They practically ran out of their own meeting, whilst a few of the openly-gay and islam-critical gay men who were there (I was one of them) took our time and walked through a gauntlet of fundamentalists who believed we should be killed.

    The gay muslims identify primarily as muslims. They are far more interested in tackling “islamophobia” than “homophobia”. They are traitors to everyone in the west, not just gay people.

    Some of them come here to flee places like Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and will do nothing to speak out about what made them flee. Instead, they go round pretending that islam is something wholesome. They will defend it to the end. I’m no longer interested in my country giving any asylum to gay people fleeing muslim countries. If they are going to defend islam when they come here, then they should be left in those countries which are run on islamic grounds.

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